Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Inflation Vegetable Prices Zoom – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Inflation Vegetable Prices Zoom – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Two days back retail inflation was pegged at 2.2 % the lowest in several months on the back of fall in prices of fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat.  However, in Goa the prices of carrots, beans and coriander have double since the month of May and it is not a true reflection of the calculated retail inflation figures.
Although the rise in prices of vegetables is due to farmers strike in Maharashtra as well as poor crop output in Bellagavi, still despite of onset of normal monsoon the common man in Goa has to face the brunt of disproportionate increase in price of vegetables. As far as Goa is concerned is definitely the retail inflation percentage figures is a mere statistic that is not indicative of the actual prices. It is hoped that this hike in prices of vegetables is temporary and it should ease thus bringing relief to the common man.
Goa is dependent on supply of vegetables and fruits from neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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Jack De Goan
Thursday - Jun 22, 2017
#GOANSFORGOA (We are the Goans) same like #USAFORAFRICA (We are the world)

All GOAN TIATRISTS must come together at one platform and sing a Song for a Cause. In this Song, Goan Tiatrists must tell the Goans to protect Goa and indirectly must expose Congress for Corruptions and BJP for Communalisms. In this Song, Goans Tiatrists must ask Goans to stand United against Mopa Airport & Recovery of looted 35 Thousands Corers of Goans from Congress!
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