Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Goa Government’s Double Standards – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Goa Government’s Double Standards – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
The decision of the Government of Goa on gambling ( either matka or any other form), is still prevailing in Goa and therefore  the statement made by the  Chief Minister stating that matka has been abolished/banned  is not correct.  By abolishing matka and allowing casinos to run, isn’t this a double standard?  Matka is a small men’s indulgence in gambling, but on the other hand it is being decided by the state government whether licence will be given to M/s Global Globe Hotel Pvt.Ltd., if its vessel “Lucky 7” will be allowed to shift from Mormugao port to the Mandovi, thus making it the 6th off-shore casino in the already crowded river Mandovi and polluted.
Is Goa going to become the Macau of India and the gambling hub of the country where the rich can squander their wealth and the state cashes in on this malaise only because it wants revenue? Is the Goa Government not indulging in double standards by abolishing matka while encouraging state sponsored gambling only to fill up its coffers? Does this decision smack of partisanship, which on the one hand encourages one form of gambling while on the other hand disallowing matka which is a form of gambling affordable only by the economically lesser fortunate. This government is the same one that did a U-turn on the off-shore casino issue and had earlier dubbed the revenue accrued from it as a means of sustaining pensions for the aged to justify its legalization. The Government has done a U-turn on its initial decision and now decided that revenue gained from off-shore casinos being used for other development purposes?
On the contrary the Government had promised to shift the existing off-shore casinos from the river Mandovi in the wake of protests and general disenchantment by the residents of Panaji who opposed the stationing of existing off-shore casino vessels at the mouth of the Mandovi. Is big time gambling “legal” and its smaller equivalent “matka illegal” or is it a case of double standards? The Goa government should explain to the people of Goa the double standard.

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