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Amid Insanity, Voices Of Reason Need To Heard – by Jose Maria Miranda
Sunday - Jun 18, 2017
Amid Insanity, Voices Of Reason Need To Heard – by Jose Maria Miranda
The world is in turmoil. The culture of hatred, violence and death is taking deep roots in our societies. Though love, forgiveness and compassion are at the core of major religions, it is, ironically in the very name of religion, that discrimination, mistrust and intolerance are being preached and practiced. The Islamic State continues to spread its reign of terror targeting innocents with no plausible reason and with regular frequency. Regrettably, these attacks have occurred in countries of Europe, which magnanimously sheltered thousands of refugees from Middle East and Africa. The height of ingratitude was that many terror attacks were carried out, reportedly, by these refugees themselves or by the second or third generation refugees.
There are perhaps deep-seated hurts, which give rise to desire for revenge, but, as usual, it is the politicians who create the problems with innocent paying the price. After suicide squads creating havoc and taking away lives, now, innovative methods are used with heavy vehicles ploughing through crowded streets, mercilessly mowing down blameless and unsuspecting pedestrians. Mercifully, we, in India have been spared such slaughter or perhaps we need to be thankful to our intelligence agencies and security forces.
Mistrust or a certain antipathy for “outsiders” or “migrants” is deeply rooted in human consciousness. Protection of identity, of demography and interests of a clan or people of a State and the constant fear of being marginalized or being reduced to a minority are the major concerns or reasons for the growing resentment against migrants, not only abroad, but even in India. This issue gets aggravated when job opportunities for locals recede as people prefer employing outsiders be it because they are better workers or they are prepared to settle for lesser wages or even to appease vote-banks.
This aversion to outsiders is prevalent in many parts of our country and Goa is no exception, as was witnessed on Wednesday last at Merces, where a bunch of brutes, with past criminal records shamed Goa, known otherwise for the docile and hospitable nature and refined manners of its people. While the Police cannot anticipate such incidents, it is never untrue that goons and anti-socials find encouragement and support in their closeness to law enforcers and politicians and the certainty that no much harm will be done to them. The punishment to these rogues should be such that, not only they but others too, will not dare indulge in such acts giving Goa a bad name and damaging further our tourism which is the bread and butter of many of our people. 
Apart from such sporadic, but grave incidents, what is indeed worrying is that we do not seem to learn any lessons from our own past experiences nor from what is happening around the world and could be replicated here, if we are not careful enough and are bent in going ahead with crooked ideologies and political and unacceptable agendas, which will ultimately divide the people and create additional problems, like unemployment, loss of livelihood, unrest and strife. These are already being seen in many parts of the country. The dalits and the farmers are already up in arms, for very good reasons. They feel discriminated or marginalized. Instead of dousing these fires, the Government, the politicians and fringe elements seem to be opening other fronts which may eventually plunge the country into a communal cauldron and unbelievable chaos.
In an “extraordinary” yet thoughtless and senseless notification, the Centre has banned the sale of cattle for slaughter in animal markets, hurting not only millions of poor farmers, who depend on non-milch and ageing cattle for their livelihood but also squeezing supplies to India’s one lakh crore meat, leather and other industries, which source 90% of their requirements from animal markets. It may be noted that only 30% of slaughtered cattle is used for meat consumption and export, whereas 70% is used in industries manufacturing buttons, toothpastes, paint brushes, etc. While there was hardly any resistance to banning cow slaughter, in deference to religious sentiments of many in majority community, extending the ban to other bovines is being considered a proxy war against muslims and dalits, who will be the worst affected by the new rules and an indirect support to cow vigilantism, which has made many innocent victims in the country. 
As if the anti-minorities rants by various fringe elements, including some BJP stalwarts and legislators, were not enough, the Hindu Janagruti had its Convention for the sixth consecutive year in Goa, perhaps with the tacit support of the party in power, as is suspected by the indulgence shown towards the outrageous speech made by Sadhvi Saraswati at the meet. If calling upon Muslims and Christians to either do a ghar-wapsi or leave the country, asserting that her organisation will not be held back by the Constitution of India and requesting the Centre to hang beef eaters in public is not a hate speech which calls for arrest, what is it Mr. CM? Praveen Togadia of VHP too had made an atrocious hate speech against Christians & Muslims in Goa, during Congress rule and the Government took no cognizance of it. Today, the Congress can well file a complaint and ask for registering an FIR against Sadhvi instead of expecting Parrikar to do it, which it surely knows he won’t.
Amid all this insanity, voices of reason have been raised by 65 top ex-bureaucrats in an open letter to PM, expressing a sense of deep disquiet at the happenings in the country and deprecating the climate of intolerance and vigilantism aimed particularly at Muslims. It is to be hoped that the PM will introspect and take corrective measures, before it is too late…

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Cry, my beloved Goa
Friday - Jun 23, 2017
A final note: Since neither the CM or the Goa government has not called for the arrest of Sadhvi we can only assume they are in tacit agreement with her very loud an \'eloquent\' call for the new law of the land, on their behalf. I think that it is now the duty of the Goan diaspora to infrom the respective government they live in, to warn their citizens about travelling to Goa on vacation. Their citizens could easily be served a plate of \'beef\' unknowly and will be hanged to death. I think it is only prudent that we all do this. There are consequences for us in our host countries if we don\'t do this. Since a large group of tourists come from the UK it is important that those Goan UK politians of parliament inform their government. Goans are located in every country of the is important you all do your part in the countries that have adopted you. We also should also inform all the global travel websites to update their sites with this new bulletin. I know, it breaks my heart that this will affect our Goa politicians bank accounts as they worship money, this is their \'cash cow\', excuse the pun. Now i really have to get to my steak dinner. I am sorry those of you in Goa can\'t join me but i promise i will raise my glass of wine and toast to Jai Hind and our \"Glorious Liberation\"!! Namaste.
Cry, my beloved Goa
Friday - Jun 23, 2017
P.s. i hope you all are not too stupid to understand that this superb!tch knows she has the backing of the entire indian government and that is why she is so vocal. She is also expressing the sentiments of what majority of indians feel. For those that have not got your Portuguese passports please buy your tickets for the boat ride from Libya. It is extra for life jackets. Meanwhile i have to get back to my steak dinner with a glass of wine. Damn those Portuguese!
Cry, my beloved Goa
Friday - Jun 23, 2017
Just read that the b*tch has now demanding that people that eat meat in Goa should be hung! What the :@##!!!! Why was she not arrested????? She chose to come to Goa from all the other places in india to shout out loud on a platfrom with a loud speaker! It is clear which minority she wants to be hung to death!
Where is bastardo Lambert from Mumbai that proud indian and hated Goa..?? I heard he asked that his ashes be thrown on the Ganges. I heard all his kids are living outside india. Mumbai slum trash. The reality is that too many of the Goans in Goa are 'proud indians", some subscribe articles to this website. I wonder why i should care now if they get hanged for eating meat. Now with our glorious liberation, a billion people can be inspired to cross into Goa and finish the job before the UN has even has time to sit down. So in a way, you reap what you sow! So Enjoy!! All the money in the world will not help you. Our "Glorious Liberation"! Jai Hind! Jai Hind!
Cry, my beloved Goa
Thursday - Jun 22, 2017
I am my comment below i meant to say that Sadhvi Saraswati should be arrested for HATE speech!!!!! SHAME on India.

This the same rhetoric that was spread before genocide of a million people in Rwanda! The world watched a million people being slaughterd and did not want to interfer. India already had a million people slaughted just a generation ago. Yet a few years ago, our poor Devu was strung up for an obscure posting on facebook!!! Our (unelected) CM os dead silent yet he issued a arrest warrent for poor Devu. Our Archbishop is also quiet. Such failed leadership is shameful! The bible tells the parable of the shepard who went out of his way to find and protect his sheep. The shepard didn't stay back on his palace and stay mum. Too many bishops supported our 0'glorious liberation'. Such traitors. Now our people escaping with Portuguese passports. They are lucky the don't have to excape via Libya on dingy boats. Those DAMN Portuguese!!! Goa will never see a minority CM so you minority politicians are traitors to your people. You all shoul be ashamed of yourselves. But how could you all know that?...Because you all are now "Indianized"!!!! Jai Hind! Jai Hind!!!!
Cry, my beloved Goa
Wednesday - Jun 21, 2017
Why is Praveen Togadia should be arressed for hate speech!!!! If a minority had made a similar speech he/she would be lynched by a mob while the police look on. Disgusting india. But the Goans of Goa wanted to be Proud Indians. I am tired of speaking out for so long. I wasted my time. I have to remember not to feel sorry when inevitable happens. And those "damn Portuguese" had to give us passports to entered Europe....when our people should be entering Europe on dangerous and exciting overcrouded dingy bloats via Libya! Those DAMN Portuguese stopped our people from enjoying such an exciting journey! Did those" DAMN" Portugese not know that our people can swin??? Damn, Damn, Damn Portuguese!!!
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Every good father or husband knows that charity begins at home. So, let’s talk first of our motherland’s immediate priorities and come out with suggestion and solutions to free our motherland that has befallen with calamities with the great cursed ‘liberation’ from India. Since charity begins at home lets clean our home first before we venture into the limitless world as great essayist, poet or lamentorist!!
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