Sunday, August 20, 2017
Will The Common Minimum Programme Be A Piece Of Toilet Paper? – by Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jun 17, 2017
Will The Common Minimum Programme Be A Piece Of Toilet Paper? – by Aires Rodrigues
Politicians and Political parties who were ideologically poles apart from the BJP prior to the Assembly elections, suddenly within hours of the results being declared on March 11th all jumped and congregated on the same bed without caring that Goa was being further screwed. To assuage the public resentment and outrage, the people of Goa were hoodwinked by promising a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) which would guide and gear the functioning of the government of this motley crew. After a over three month delay that CMP is now expected to be announced on June 18th which is also Goa Revolution day.
The BJP has already chopped the coconut trees it wanted to. So now declaring it as a State tree will fool no one. Unless the CMP contains something concrete and far reaching to truly take Goa Forward it will be mere eyewash which no Goan would buy. 
While in the Opposition Vijai Sardesai and Rohan Khaunte had consistently demanded the scrapping of the Investment Promotion Board (IPB) which they had alleged was BJP’s massive den for Corruption. Now in a U turn Vijai Sardesai should not be merely content with a mere ‘tightening’ of the IPB while Rohan Khaunte is brazenly the new Vice-Chairman of that very board. The scrapping of that IPB may give some credibility to the CMP.
Vijai Sardesai and his Goa Forward had all along demanded the immediate removal of the Casinos from the River Mandovi. Something which Rohan Khaunte had also been very vociferous about until embracing the BJP. The CMP will test their integrity and resolve on that count.
Vijai Sardesai had also demanded enactment of news laws to fulfill the dream of Special Status for Goa. And what happens to that demand for the Denationalization of Goan Rivers. Vijai Sardesai was also very vocal against the Mopa Airport dubbing it as a land scam. All this cannot now skip off from the CMP.
The Common Minimum Programme must necessarily entail a firm commitment of this government on Zero Tolerance to any discrimination based on caste or creed. What to eat and whether to use a bikini should be the sole choice of every citizen and there can be no dictates on such issues by the government. 
Goa Forward was formed on January 25th 2016 with a prime objective to oust the Bharatiya Janata Party. “We are prepared to sacrifice and work with other political parties and politicians even though there may be some issues on which we are not on the same platform” is what the people of Goa were then assured.
Does Vijai Sardesai need to be reminded that he had time and again publicly charged the BJP of being "worse than the Congress" and that the BJP had threatened the DNA of Goa, which is mosaic of liberalism, pluralism, multilingualism, openness and bountiful nature of a Niz Goenkar?
But after having betrayed the trust of the people of Goa who had voted against the BJP, Vijai Sardesai, Jayesh Salgaonkar, Vinod Paliencar and the now not so independent Rohan Khaunte are all at the mercy of the BJP as they disgracefully sold themselves to the Saffron brigade for the sake of power and that moolah. And as beggars can be no choosers, they will have to mutely tow and put up with the BJP’s devious agenda to which they so shamelessly surrendered. Under the guise of Goem, Goenkar and Goenkarponn it has been Fot, Foting and Fotingponn all the way.
As he who sleeps with the Devil might as well be loyal to the Devil, now the only way Forward for Vijai Sardesai, Jayesh Salgaonkar, Vinod Paliencar and their accomplice Rohan Khaunte is to officially join the BJP and seek a fresh mandate by contesting on the saffron party that they so immorally and unethically wedded.

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Carlisto Ferrao
Wednesday - Jun 21, 2017
Goans have already gone forward, before these sons of donkey riding garecares could wake up come down to Goa, to discover and to conquer all Seven Seas and settled to contribute and to flourish other countries forward! They contributed towards multiple countries on the continent of Africa to bring about civilization and even their independence (not Goa-type ‘fake’ liberation). They are now taking Europe forward, and therefore the civilized world even more forward!!! These Koknees who have just descended fresh, as if from the jungle trees of the Ghats forest into our Goa, can only plunder the wealth and resources belonging to Goans, and on the top of it open-defecate and destroy Goa totally somehow, and yet over and above, they have audacity of telling Goans that they are taking Goa forward. What a bullshit!!

Goa Forward Party!!! Just as well, instead of taking Goa forward they have taken Goa backward!!! Back to BJP!!! Now Aires is shouting his head out, but doesn’t know they are well expected to act so, because they are but sons of garecars!!!

Mirdula Sinha, the Bihari governor, is another Ghanti who has added the final artistic touch!!! To make Parrikar the unelected Chief Minister!!! Now what the uneducated Goans think is that they got a fully elected democratic government in charge!!! Goans have no idea that if the ‘Head’ is illegal that the whole operating system is bogus!!! A bogus un-elected operating Government of Goa!!!
Bosco De Menezes
Tuesday - Jun 20, 2017
Did the Goans, sons and daughters of the soil, have to wait for these offspring of the Ghantis from the Ghats to take Goa forward? When Goans around the world, including the Americas and European Union are known to take the world forward!!

These sons of garecars from the Ghats are riding high in Goa, unprecedented in their own land Maharashtra, by making the Goans pull their bullock carts and enjoy at Goans’ costs. It is only the Goans who make sacrifices with dedication and love for their Goa seeking no rewards, unlike these Ghanties who are perpetually exploiting, robbing and devastating our land. Goans work hard physically and mentally in Goa and around the world remitting back to make Goa the richest territory.

Enough is enough, its time up for Goans to wake up now and have the sense of their ownership and responsibility to their motherland Goa, and kick all the outsiders’ nuisance out that has infiltrated on our sacred land.
Joe Lobo, Nairobi
Tuesday - Jun 20, 2017
It looks as if the Goans had to wait all this long in history until now for these three Konkan/Marathis to come to Goa as Ghantis to seek jobs bringing with them only their two balls and take Goa forward. When Goans had already taken Goa forward to climb the highest pinnacle to be one of the three leading cities of the world in the 16/17 century, along with Lisboa and Rome. While, these Ghantis forefathers were sleeping in the jungles of the Ghats as monkeys do.
Armando Mendes
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Nothing has improved in Goa ever since Dec.1961. Goa has gone backward without doubts. Look at the behaviour of politician? Most of them are corrupt, ill manned and believe money brings respect not behaviour and their function. Pre-So-Called Liberation or since the annexation of Goa by Indian Union, Goa has detiorated in terms of discipline in civic duties. All we have had is infinite number of college which produces graduates that cannot fine work to utilise and apply their knowledge and skills.

Employment must be the top priority and Investment in Infrastruture. So called Development in Goa is only the lining of pocket of the MLA's whose asset exceeds their earnings in the given term as elected individuals. Similarly if you monitor the incomes of Civil Servants against their earnings you find they belong to the same category. They earn salaries paid by the people of the State as well as well as Bribes paid by the public for getting things done for which they are elected or employed. They have no conscience or guilt. I do not understand how they show their face in public and expect to be respected. This is Modi's India- Make in India / Made in India/Corruption free India. Demonetised India devaluing 500/1000 rupees by robbing/cheating poor labours of India.
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Goans are always born sussegad fools to believe other people. Goans don’t know that these Koknees want to take away Goa Forward to Maharashtra.
Carzulo Bitbito
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Don’t waste your time fingering these Koknee/Marathis and then smelling it. Their presence in Goa stinks. Think ‘Goa First’ and move forward. The Koknees cannot move forward. They lie like liberation has done, instead of calling itself neo-colonialism! They only know to make Goa go one-way and that is backward, with Bonk First!!
Sunday - Jun 18, 2017
Sunday - Jun 18, 2017
Aires! Yes, this programme will definitely be a piece of toilet paper. It should be distributed along the Goan Beaches where the ghantti tourists mess it up.
Emeliano Do Rego
Saturday - Jun 17, 2017
"Hotel California" song by Eagles is true song composed on devil worship temple in the state of California, USA. When someone looses faith in God they visit this place to get their wish fulfill they go to this place and makes vow or in other words surrender oneself to Satan erected as huge human size naked statue and once you sumbit oneself to him that person is in his net and cannot come out definately once wish gets fulfilled to the fullest but if that person defy this Satan you are back to square or may be worse in waiting. What I mean to say, these three GFP jockers fall in this category, either continue with praising Satan BJP or fall into dip pit of shit.
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