Wednesday, August 16, 2017
The Communal BJP & Its Hate Politics – by Nixon Fernandes
Friday - Jun 16, 2017
The Communal BJP & Its Hate Politics – by Nixon Fernandes
Today everywhere hordes of posters are put displaying the achievements of Modi Govt of the past 3 years. Suddenly It makes one feel that for the past many years of their life they were living a life full of distress and in misery as India was one of the most backward countries in the world the GDP of the coutry was equivalent to that of Zimbabwe and Indians were struggling for basic needs like food clothing and shelter but suddenly after Modi and BJP won elections India became a totally transformed country atleast those who are ruling wants us to believe. A gimmick put up by Modi and BJP to fool the nation.
Just by displaying posters, banners and wasting public money to project himself as a savior to the nation he is self-glorifying himself. The same money that could have been utilized to save many dying farmers across the country is wasted on useless expenditure and it's an utter disgust that our elected representatives are displaying it publicly.
Day by day Goa is getting a notorious distinction, once a peaceful and loving tourist destination is now slowly turning ugly, due to some history-sheeter the entire town of Mercês is painted red. The attack on the tourists and their vehicle should be condemned by all and sundry and rather than playing politics over it they should be put behind bars and should be given similar treatment. Just as one rotten apple spoils the entire basket same goes with these hooligans and rowdies as just coz of these few anti-social elements the entire name of the village got spoiled. The local MLA has to initiate an immediate action into this and those culprits should be taken to task immediately.
The recently concluded Panchayat elections in Goa was a mixed bag yet BJP, Congress didn't shy away from taking credit of the victories. Most of the MLAs claim that it's their chosen panel or their party supported candidate won and just to have a stronghold on the panchayat now they will indulge in horse trading.
The HJS is currently having an conclave in Goa wherein they are deciding to make India a Hindu Nation by 2023. These bigots wants to destroy the peace of the country and more importantly they want to break the brotherhood of Goans which exists in Goa for many years. Goa and Goans are always a soft targets to spread their hate propaganda. The Sanathan Sansatha which should have been banned by now is enjoying the maximum patronage thanks to the MGP clan of Dhavlikars. The Organization and some of its members are charge-sheeted in the murder case of an activist yet the Goa Govt. Is turning a blind eye towards their nefarious activities.
An obnoxious oxymoron from Madhya Pradesh known as Sadhvi Saraswati made an statement wherein she states "All those eating beef should be hanged" Does the lunatic Saraswati knows atleast what she is saying. She calls an animal(cow) as her mother and it should be protected does she believes that she was born from cow? She claims to do Ghar-Wapsi of non-Hindus and stop Love-Jihad etc. she is one kind of creepy leech character who wants to destroy the peace of peaceful Goans by making such controversial statements in Goa and our BJP govt. headed by a Rancid pickle Parrikar supported by the demon Vijay are mute spectators in front of these bigots called Saraswati looks like either they are shit scared to make a comment or their mouths are filled with money to stay quiet.
Ex CM Parsekar had mentioned that special children are Gods mistake but I feel it's not special children but these kinds of politicians who indulge in spreading hatred among communities are Gods mistakes, rather than taking India a step forward these oxymoron politicians are taking it backward by indulging in destroying the peace and tranquillity of a state and the nation.
The sooner it's stopped the better it is else a day will come when entire India will be burning due to the communal hatred spread by BJP and its allies.
Think about it.

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