Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Stop Migrants' Double Voting Facility - by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Thursday - Jun 15, 2017
Stop Migrants' Double Voting Facility - by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Very shortly we will have Panchayat election in Goa.  Due to unwanted excess influx of non-Goans into Goa mainly the migrants and other low grade Ghantis who are selling their votes to any candidate paying them the good amount, there is a big problem for Goa and Goans. It is this class of Bharati people who are a botheration in Goa.  They have no interest in Goa and Goans, their interest is only in getting maximum benefit of Goa and Goans.
If tomorrow anything goes wrong for them, they will run away from Goa to their States.  In this way so many of them fled to their States after committing unwanted crimes and robberies. Once they go we don’t have records of their residential addresses back at their homes to trace them.  Our local Panchyats have not offered any solution to trace and track them.  They give them all the documents to reside in our localities to get the benefits of their votes.
While they are given voting rights in Goa, was it found out that their names in their localities back at homes in their States are deleted?  I understand many of them are dual voters, they vote in Goa as well as in their home States. Whose job is this to keep a check on this fraud committed by some migrants?
I understand in my village in Candolim at Araddy Vaddo which is made famous by the local Panchayat by facilitating them to get all the facilities to have this as permanent place for them to live, there are migrants voting at two places. In the forthcoming Panchayat election they will vote in Goa and when the similar election comes in their States from where they came, they will go back there and vote.
This has to be stopped. But by whom?  I don’t think because concerned authority and concerned persons are not interested in putting an end to this electoral fraud because they themselves are the beneficiaries of the votes who vote twice. The local politicians will surely utilize them in the coming election to buy their votes as they did in the last Assembly election where according to one source bales of currency Notes paid to the migrant voters to get their votes.
In view of this, those who are capable to fight against this menace must come forward and thru legal means halt this double voting system.

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Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Goa has been trouble-free for centuries. It is the ‘liberation’ that has brought the Ghanti Koknee/Marathi curses over our land Goa. This is what all Goans need to understand fully, first and foremost. Remove India with its Koknee/Marathis, come from its neighbouring states, and Goa will be at once clean and free. We don’t depend on India or her Koknee/Marathis, but India depends on Goa. In fact, we Goans and Goa can flourish better without India as we shown in diaspora. India is exploiting and robbing Goa and Goans of their riches. Goa is a golden duck for Indians and her Koknee/Marathis that lays golden eggs for them to eat and for Goans to go hungry, and beg at other countries’ door steps in Kuwait, Oman or Swindon.
Jack De Goan
Thursday - Jun 15, 2017
Ban Renting Rooms & Shops For Migrants!Who gives room & shop for rent? GOANS!
Stop giving Shops & Flats for rent to migrants!

Bring Law in the Panchayat that "If anyone who gives their Room or Shop for rent to migrants then they will have to pay One Lakh Rupees Fine and within one month, they will have to throw them out from your house. Cleanliness/Honesty starts from our house!
Ignatius / Agassaim
Thursday - Jun 15, 2017
Veronica, get up from your slumber.
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