Wednesday, August 16, 2017
GHRC Inspection Reveals Pathetic Living & Working Conditions Of Cops
Friday - Jun 9, 2017
Panjim: In a major embarrassment to the Government, an inspection of two police stations conducted by officials of the Goa Human Rights Commission (GHRC) has concluded that the working and living conditions of cops at both the police stations was below standard and needs priority attention so that the police force can work with optimal output and be a stress free work force.
The inspection was conducted after the GHRC comprising of A.D.Salkar and J.A. Keny after hearing a complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues had ordered an inspection to verify the factual working and living conditions of the cops at the Old Goa Police Station in North Goa and Colva Police Station in South Goa.
Adv. Aires Rodrigues while strongly disputing the stand taken by the Chief Secretary and DGP that all amenities including canteen and recreational facilities were available at every police station, had sought that any two police stations be inspected to ascertain the ground reality. Adv. Aires Rodrigues in his complaint to the GHRC in September last year had stated that the cops in the State were being made to work very long hours amidst pathetic and very appalling working conditions and had sought that alike all other government employees the police personnel should also get an eight hour shift which will infact increase their efficiency. 
A three member team headed by GHRC Secretary Margaret Fernandes, Under Secretary Shashikant Bhamaikar and Police Inspector Manoj Mardolkar attached to the Investigation Cell of the GHRC on 26th May inspected the Old Goa and Colva Police Stations and last week submitted a detailed 11 page report along with photographs and video footage highlighting the pathetic working conditions at both the police stations.
Pointing out that Old Goa Police station with a staff strength of 114 and Colva Police station with 87 staff are housed in very old and overcrowded premises which is neither suitable nor sufficient to accommodate the staff working at the police station, the inspection report states that there was a urgent need of new buildings for both the Old Goa and Colva Polce Stations taking into consideration the basic needs and facilities for the staff posted at these police stations.
Stating that there is also a need to fix an eight hour shift to resolve the problems of stress, hypertension and diabetes, the report while suggesting that more staff be employed to overcome the work load has also expressed the need to separate law and order from the investigation cells at the police stations.
The report further states that at the Old Goa Police station it was observed that the rest room for staff is very small having eight beds without mattresses while at Colva it was 10 beds also without mattresses and that at both the police stations there was no ventilation facilities while there is only one toilet and a common bathroom shared by male and female staff while affecting the privacy of the lady staff.
It has also been observed in the inspection report that at the rest cum changing room for female staff only one staff can take rest while a total of 20 female staff are posted at the Old Goa Police Station and 11at Colva. The report also points out that behind the Old Goa Police Station sewage was seen flowing from hotels leading to breeding of mosquitoes posing a health hazard to the staff working at the Police station. Stating that there were no canteen and recreational facilities at both the police stations, the inspection report has suggested that as a short term measure on priority fridges be provided immediately so that the staff can store food they bring from home.
The inspection report also states that in 2013 a proposal had been moved to acquire land for the police station in Bakia property at Old Goa but that it was rejected being a Custodian property while at Colva the Department of Tourism has been asked to arrange to handover a plot admeasuring 2985 sq mts for setting up of the police station. 
The Inspection report states that after interaction with staff at both the police stations it has emerged that though the living and working conditions were very pathetic, the staff in public interest has coped with the situation and were doing their duty with discipline and devotion to the police force.

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Wednesday - Jun 14, 2017
No wonder our cops turn to taking Haftas, Bribes and under-hand transactions. They are human too and have families of their own to look after. I don't blame them at all.
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