Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Is Kashmir Issue Solvable? – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Tuesday - Jun 6, 2017
Is Kashmir Issue Solvable? – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
The latest hot issue discussed in the media is the issue of severing not only Cricketing ties with Pakistan but also all other sporting ties because Pakistan is playing havoc with India especially in Kashmir by helping the secessionists and terrorists.  Firstly, for the Indian Cricketing administrators it is impossible to stop the match between India and Pakistan because millions of rupees are at stake besides their commissions, meantime the cricket match was already played yesterday and India defeated Pakistan easily. Secondly, India cannot tame Pakistan anymore because Pakistan is powerful now since it is a nuclear power and moreover it is strongly backed by China, the arch rival of India. Pakistan was established to counter the “Dadagiri” of Hindus whom Pakistani Muslims consider as their worst enemies.
Poet Iqbal initiated the idea for the formation of Pakistan as a separate homeland for Muslims from the subcontinent and Jinnah implemented it. During my so many years of stay in Kuwait, the way I integrated with Pakistanis, I don’t think any Goan did and hence I learnt a lot from them. Some of the highly intellectual Pakistani Muslims admitted that Pakistan went for nuclear only to destroy Hindu India. Similarly, Zulficar Ali Bhutto in his masterpiece “If I am assassinated’, wrote, “we will if necessary eat grass but will go for nuclear”.
The Pakistanis said they cannot forget the atrocities the Hindus and Sikhs have committed against them especially on their women during the partition time. The climax of their anger culminates into inferno when they think of dismembering of East Pakistan by India. Some Pakistanis even confessed that Pakistan will never allow India to live in peace and for this reason Pakistan is creating problems all over India. Pakistan is a rogue nation ready to face any eventuality but India cannot as it is a too decent nation.
The complex situation of Kashmir made more complex by Pakistan by letting lose its proxy war on India will never have peace unless India takes a bold step with the help of UN and give more autonomy to Kashmiris fighting for their freedom in the name of religion, such religious wars do not end easily unless final results are achieved.
India cannot rely on Pakistan for any peaceful settlement because Pakistan is hell bent to defy India. Even the Indian citizen now on death row waiting for the gallows will surely face the death however much innocent he may be. The Cruel Pakistani judicial system did not even spare its own premier Zulficar Ali Bhutto from the gallows. There is no compassion in Muslim Pakistan when Islam preaches COMPASSION.

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Sunday - Jun 18, 2017
India defeated Pakistan easily”. Congregations India!!
Tuesday - Jun 13, 2017
A Goan is the most irrelevant person of all the people in the world to speak or comment on behalf India against Pakistan and term it as rogue, when he himself is unaware how hard India has kicked him with no ‘decency’ in the middle of his arse to split it in two halves. Especially when India has been his worst enemy of its kind to subject him as a Goan to the worst type of colonialism in modern 21st century times under the name of ‘liberation’ and to strip of his identity, with his own mother tongue not being recognized as the language in his own mother land. Goan has been forced to part his sacred land and natural wealth, preserved by his ancestors for millenniums of years, right through its Portuguese history, and forfeit to India’s own citizens, coming mostly from the neighbouring territories to occupy his exclusive land.

Unlike Kashmiri, the Goan like a classical bloody fool that he is always, does not know that he has been treated far worse than the Kashmiri has been treated, in the sense that unlike the Goans, the Kashmiri land is reserved to Kashmiris alone and no Indian(or Goan, or even Parrikar) from outside the state can ever buy even a square inch of their land within Kashmir.

Therefore, while the Kashmiris remain safe in their land, on the other hand the Goans are stripped naked and raped of their land and taken over firstly, by Koknees/Marathis, who are exploiting the Goans by ruling over them instead, and their land, and inviting other outside developers to follow themselves for their profit making gain, leaving Goans helpless and voiceless with no say or dignity whatsoever to themselves. This is a deliberate institutionalized broad discriminative plan by India to supress and marginalize Goans by disallowing Goans the full authority over their land as given to the Kashmiris. India in its ardent pursuit to supress the Goans has sought to discriminative and marginalize Goans by denying them the priority to their rightful positions, as indigenous people, in government and corporate sectors.

Thus what India has succeeded all along during its reign of illegal occupation of Goa, is reducing the Goans socially and economically, and creating an army of Goans, not to fight for independent but to clean the toilets in Swindon. With their doing the dirty job and sending back the remittances, India boasts Goa to be its richest state in India! Thanks with all the dirty job done by the Goans!
Monday - Jun 12, 2017
Let us worry about solving our (Goa's) own issues. Why break your head on Kashmir???
Sunday - Jun 11, 2017
QUOTED: Goa Governor Mridula Sinha to make the state open defecation free by October , memo and standing order, TO KUMAR AND HIS WIFE and his generation, with jAI KINDER EGGS,TO defacate in the OPEN by this order, NO MATTER WHAT, AN ORDER TO strip on goan soil, be vigilant to see his COCK VACILLATE 90..then 80..then 70.. 00000 and be defunct on goan soil, BY this ORDER like a TRUE Jai-ROBOT.What a site, a site called NIZ GOENAKR reporting a ghantti.A ghaantti rules and shows his vile arrogance and hatred towards sons of the soil at the behest of the author of this site, AND BOAST OF HIS defunt voice and cock AND ARROGANCE ,A ghanttie committed to coconut being grass, grass,which cows in goa refuse to eat? A COW KNOWS WHAT IS GRASS AND WHAT IS COCONUT LEAF? even A DOG LEFT FAR AWAY FROM HIS HOME FINDS ITS HOME BY NATURE, BY SMELL ,BUT KUMAR A GHANTTIE CANNOT FIND his NATURAL GHANT. a CURSE ON GOANS EVEN On this NIZ GOENNKARR SITE.GOD BLESS NIZGOENKAR
Sunday - Jun 11, 2017
Author you have a sense for KUWAITKARPONN KUDDOS TO YOU, you have a sense for KASMIRkanponn, you have a sense for KUMAR-GHATTIAPONN like the author of this site...but not an iota, sadly of GOENKARRPONN...HOW COME..did the dinar of kuwait,made you a poskko9 of kuwait?YAPP now, like this ghanntti author of kumarponn.
Sunday - Jun 11, 2017
If KUWAIT issue was solved, why not this one, whats the difference ? kuwaitcara not goenkarra?
Joe Lobo, Nairobi
Wednesday - Jun 7, 2017
@Emeliano … You are right. I think sadly the writer is not aware of that. Kashmir was a separate kingdom within British India with 99% Muslim population. Just after creation of Pakistan and India through British Colonial legacy at the time of partition, Pakistan staked its claim based on the spirit of partition of India based on Muslim-Hindu division of British India. India then invaded at the behest of the Maharajah and illegally occupied the territory, while claiming the whole, as part of India, just as India has illegally occupied Goa as its part, even though characteristically present India is a boundary bound political creation or invention of British Colonial legacy in its entity and content. Therefore, as a colonial political creation in itself, in its entity, it has no right or validity to claim even a square inch of territory either in Kashmir or Goa beyond its designated boundary, based neither on ancient historical claims nor geography!!

However, India is in grave violation of the United Nations’ Resolution of 1948, in its failure to implement plebiscite to the people of Kashmir, and its continued illegal occupation of Kashmiris’ territory. India having illegitimately impregnated itself with issues of both Goa and Kashmir, and thereby violating UN Charter, it has automatically self-disqualified itself to vie for a much coveted permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
Emeliano Do Rego
Tuesday - Jun 6, 2017
Kashmir does not belong to India nor Pakistan therefore there is every possibility Kashmir issue can be solved only if Kashmiris is given right to have referendum to decide their future. But the problem with Kashmiris, too many factions are fighting among themselves and neighbours are taking advantage.Hence there can be never peace in Kashmir.
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