Wednesday, August 16, 2017
GSRP Not To Field Candidates In Future Elections If CWCs Are Not In Place
Monday - May 15, 2017
Mapuça: GOA SU-RAJ PARTY-GSRP, in its post 2017 assembly elections decision has resolved that the party shall not field candidates in future elections if the grass-roots organizations in the respective constituencies i.e. Constituency Working Committees – CWCs are not in place, where the Presidents of CWCs are its candidates with the Secretaries as Substitute Candidates, said Senior Party leader and Spokesperson, Mr. Floriano Lobo.
When asked as to why such a decision comes after the Party’s 17 year existence in State Politics, he said that in Goa, the party was thus far promoting itself slow and steady, that the party is ready to deliver the intended goods. He further said that politics is all about MONEY and GSRP was formed to defeat the display of MONEY POWER in politics, because, the end results is negative irrespective of who gets elected or which party comes to power and the Goan people are back to square one with U-turns galore over pre-election promises.
When asked to explain how GSRP wants to fight elections without MONEY, Mr. Lobo said that Money is necessary to even move a match-stick in everyday life, specially so in politics. But huge sums of money is certainly not required to move the voters to line-up to vote for their own future. GSRP has a slogan which says “SMALL MONEY FROM A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKES BETTER SENSE THAN LARGE SUMS OF MONEY FROM A FEW” Meaning, nothing comes free but at a cost. GSRP is telling the sensitive and serious people of Goa who desire lasting change for the better that without investing for their future themselves, and wanting someone else to invest for them, is a pipe dream that has never worked and shall never work. Therefore, we see U-Turns at every point after elections.
When asked “with the above decision” you mean to say that if CWCs are not in place, the party shall stay out of the election process’?, Mr. Lobo said that it is a suicide to contest elections without basic grass-roots, that,  the party shall not field candidates in Constituencies where the CWCs are not established.
To the next question “How do you intend to put the CWCs in place?” Mr. Lobo said that the normal ‘forward’ procedure is to appoint Village Representatives–VRs within the constituency’s villages from its life membership and then conduct internal elections to find the President and the Secretary. But since such enthusiasm is missing, especially, when the party has downplayed the role of MONEY, the party shall go ‘reverse’ i.e. appoint a person who is interested in contesting elections as ‘potential candidate’  and leave the task of appointing Village Representatives to his/her good offices. But the criterion remains the same, i.e. the potential candidate must get elected the President of the CWC. 
When asked about the funding of the CWCs, Mr. Lobo said that the Party rolls-back to the CWC 70% of the funds collected within the respective constituency. This means that the CWCs are always in good financial position to do whatever they want to do through collecting funds through memberships, small donations, etc. provided they are forward-looking and motivated. The only bar on utilizing this money is over religion or religious activities. Besides, he said, that there is an atmosphere of competitiveness amongst the CWCs with the understanding that ‘you do not get funds from the party if you do not work hard to come up with innovative ideas of collecting the same.”
To the question if the party has any awareness programme to facilitate the formation of CWCs, Mr. Lobo said that the party’s pet programme is the ‘OFFICE ON WHEELS’. As and when we have the finances to put up this project, people will not have to come to the party’s office but the party shall go to the people with a programme of making its presence felt in every constituency where its presence is required on demand and spend enough time as is required to consolidate its position.
When asked about the approximate cost of the ‘Office on Wheels’ project, Mr. Lobo said that the costing is based on two fronts. ‘Capital investment’ and ‘Monthly outgoings’. As far as the Capital investment is concerned, we are looking at a vehicle such as the 5 seater Maruti Omni ‘ECCO’ which is approximately Rs. 5-6 Lakhs with accessories such as sound-system, laptop/printer/ID card maker, slide projector, etc. The monthly out-goings shall be the salaries for 3 [driver, assistant & manager], fuel & incidentals which is calculated to be approx. 50,000/- to 60,000/- per month.
Mr. Lobo, in his ending comment quoted the age old saying, “WHERE THERE IS WILL, THERE IS A WAY’ and he made a categoric statement that GSRP cannot and shall not take U-turns as such U-turns are not a part of its written down system of governance. He said that whoever wants to come forward to contest must agree to its Constitutional Provisions of Art. 34 [only 5 member cabinet] and Art. 38 [no Corporations to MLAs]. That the Party shall rule through ‘belt-tightening’ process with its sights set on repayment of almost 70,000 crores of Goa’s present public debt which is galloping towards the one lakh mark, leaving no future for Goa’s  gen next.

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Jack De Goan
Thursday - Jun 22, 2017
All GOAN TIATRISTS must come together at one platform and sing a Song for a Cause

#GOANSFORGOA (We are the Goans) same like #USAFORAFRICA (We are the world)!

In this Song, Goans must tell the Goans to protect Goa and indirectly must expose Congress for Corruptions and BJP for Communalisms. In this Song, Goans Tiatrists must ask Goans to stand United against Mopa Airport & Recovery of looted 35 Thousands Corers of Goans from Congress!
Sunday - May 28, 2017
GSRP lost face value by taking habitual criminal Micky Mouse in its strand.The same mouse as I said before had kick Floriano assshhhhh. Great lesson of life for Floriano and GSRP
Jack De Goan
Monday - May 15, 2017
GSRP should support AAP to defeat Congress & BJP. Ideology of GSRP & AAP are same. Ideology of Congress & BJP are same.
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