Monday, August 21, 2017
Church Wants Family’s NOC To Conduct Fr Bismarque Dias’s Last Rites: Collector Informs GHRC
Friday - Apr 21, 2017
Panjim: North Goa Collector has today submitted before the Goa Human Rights Commission (GHRC) that the Parish Priest of St Estevão has informed that he cannot carry out the final rites of Fr Bismarque Dias without the N.O.C from the relatives. The GHRC comprising of A.D.Salkar and J.A Keny today adjourned to April 27th further hearing of the petition filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues that the body of late Fr. Bismarque Dias is lying in the morgue at Goa Medical College for over 17 months with the final rites yet not conducted.
The Collector has further informed the GHRC on the steps taken following the directions given to liase with the Parish Priest of St Estevão and to arrange the last rites of Fr Bismarque Dias. The Collector in his reply has stated that the Tiswadi Block Development Officer was directed to arrange the final rites of Fr. Bismarque Dias by 15th April and with the assistance of the local Panchayat to liase with the Parish Priest of St Estevão.
The GHRC was further informed that the Parish Priest has told the Sarpanch that as per the church rules N.O.C is required from the family and unless the N.O.C is obtained from the family the funeral rites of Fr. Bismarque Dias cannot be conducted. Adv. Aires Rodrigues in his complaint has pointed out that since 7th November 2015 the decomposed body of late Fr. Bismarque Dias who was found dead at St Estevão was languishing in the morgue of the Goa Medical College at Bambolim.
Pointing out that with all the forensic tests done and the viscera report having been received the mortal remains are not required for any further examination, Adv. Rodrigues in his complaint has submitted that Fr Bismarque Dias who so selflessly, dedicatedly and tirelessly toiled for Goa must be given a fitting farewell and laid to rest with all due respect to the great departed soul.
Stating that it was very distressing that for no reason the body of Fr Bismarque Dias remains consigned for over 17 months in the very unhygienic and regularly malfunctional morgue which is also infested with a huge brigade of rats and other rodents, Adv. Rodrigues has submitted that Fr Bismarque Dias’s last rites cannot wait any longer and that if nobody claims his body to hold the last rites it would be a social responsibility to ensure that his human right is not any further violated.
Adv. Rodrigues has drawn the attention of the GHRC that the Supreme Court in a recent judgment has held that even in death a person has dignity and when one is dead deserves to be treated with human dignity it being a  basic human right.
Stating that the State Government cannot shy away from its duty in ensuring the disposal of the body and was duty bound to conduct the last rites, Adv. Rodrigues has further stated that even the Goa Medical College has Rules and Standing Instructions for disposal of a cadaver and that such kind of disrespect to late Fr Bismarque Dias cannot be tolerated any longer.

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Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
Aires is an Indian Agent who call himself an Indian first.
SPY 13
Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
All Goans are not UNCIVILISED like this "JUSTICE for MURDER"!

If you are uncivilised, illiterate and unlearned, keep you advice to yourself.A civilised society is ruled by Laws, and Laws are made to maintain the society civilised.

The State Human Rights Commission is not self appointed. Such stupid allegations only go to show your Ignorance. It is always headed by appointed retired Judges. Learn here instead of just talking rubbish.
Monday - Apr 24, 2017
These rascals Aires Rodrigues and the bogus self-appointed so called Goa Human Rights Commission want to undo what Goans have all along waited to be granted their own Human Right Justice to the people in Goa over the murder of Fr. Biamarque. They are using discreet intimidation and threats against the Goans knowing well that dictatorship exists in Goa with the upper hand and they can use it against the people by hook or crook. GOANS BEWARE OF THESE RASCALS and CROOKS who want to evade justice to the Goan people. These CAPITAL RASCALS also know well that Goa is dictatorially administered by Government and that it does not provide means to solve murders and therefore the people have taken the matter into their own hands. Now they want to deceive and fool Goan people by threats and intimidation
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