Wednesday, August 23, 2017
The Week That Was – by Nixon Fernandes
Friday - Apr 21, 2017
The Week That Was – by Nixon Fernandes
Goan roads are now getting an unique distinction of being the killer roads in India, In the last 15 days there are as many as 25-30 accidents that have been reported in various parts of Goa and almost all of them are fatal. The month of March-April have been a deadly one as the number of fatal accidents kept on rising. The question arises here is whom do we Blame? Are we ready to accept the fact that many accidents could have been avoided if we had instilled some basic driving sense in our loved ones?
A tiny village named Sonshi in Valpoi was in news as around 40 people from this village were arrested for protesting and blocking the Mining trucks that were plying day in and night through their village. The peoples concern was that they are facing hardships due to mining trucks, they breathe polluted air many of them have respiratory problems, parents fear sending their wards to schools as killer trucks are on prowl to reach fast to their destination.
Media highlighted the plight of these people as their children were forced to come on streets and march towards the Police Station at Valpoi, just to secure the realize of their parents, These people aren’t rich nor they have the money to bail out themselves and even our elected representatives are not interested to listen to their case. A young lad from the village rightly said it looks like they have committed a grave crime like Murder to be jailed like this, looks like there is no justice if you happen to be poor the rich and mighty can get away easily, even Ex CM Digambar Kamat is skipping summons issued to him in the mining case and these people are but behind bars for raising their voice for the future and safety of their kids.
The TCP minister wants to hog limelight at each and every given opportunity and this time too he tried to cash on the sentiments of the minority community. VHP had a meeting and decided that in Goa too they will have BEEF BAN in the coming years, and the MALUND from South made good use of this opportunity and held a press conference and said he will ban such leaders who wants to destroy the socio cultural fabric of Goa. Mr. Minister there are more grave issues concerning Goa and Goans rather than BEEF BAN, or is it that the present day govt. wants to divert the attention of the people from its failures?
Parrikar is trying hard to increase the tally of BJP in Goa from 13, he now has Vishwajeet on his side and very soon the Monserattes will follow, BJP is the only party in India where today for the sake of power they have out shined the corrupt Congress, they have taken a leap further and now they are the most sort after corrupt party in India esp. in Goa where money changed hands frequently. Let’s wait and see how it unfolds in the days to come.
Goa has the highest vehicle per person ratio had it been an independent country it would have ranked under 20 in the world for vehicle per person. Innocent lives are lost on a daily basis, corruption has entered in the system and govt. officials and bureaucrats are like modern day viruses.
Supreme Court of India banned liquor outlets across NH giving justification that precious lives are lost due to drunken driving but in Goa it’s a sad story as the number of fatalities are more during the day compared to the Night and all are not cases of drunken driving, but mostly vehicles driven in rash and negligent manner.
One shouldn’t forget Speed Thrills but it also kills. Driving is not a Right it’s a privilege so kindly drive sensibly.

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Goan Boy
Tuesday - Apr 25, 2017
I am a true blooded Goan it saddens me to see so many deaths on roads in GOA, when will we stop blaming the GOVT. or the Roads in GOA for all the accidents and deaths on the roads, we Goan's have to be the worst drivers in the world may it be the man, women boys girls when I look they remind me of the wilder beast trying to cross the river in remote Africa infested with crocodiles, Goan's are like animals escaped from zoo, we blame cows on the roads Goan's are worst than cows or any animal calling Goan's animal is an insult to animals, even animals you can train but not Goan's the only way you can educate them road and driving etiquette is to hit them were it hurts is their pocket severe fines, check their drivers licence impound their vehicles destroy them especially those scooties if not there will be thousand of more deaths on the roads.
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