Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Open Letter To Chief Minister Of Goa – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
It is sad that our newspapers did not publish my letter (enclosed) and therefore the people of Panjim and Goa are not aware of the problems which the Goans are actually suffering.  In today report published in the local newspapers the Chief Minister of Goa, did not pursue the safety and interest of drivers who have difficulties riding on this roads whereas he has made more elaborate planning by introducing more interceptors, CCTV, radar, alcoholmeters, helmets, speed of vehicles, signs boards, drunken driving   and driving licences to curb accidents in Goa roads and crack whip on rash negligent driving. Of course that was also required.
What was more embarrassing to us is there were no discussion on traffic lights on zebra crossing and on junction roads as this was not reported by the press.  Good roads are the most essential for the drivers to curb accidents and drive at ease. When the roads are badly damaged what is the use of helmets, alcoholmeters, interceptors CCTV cameras etc. will this reduce accidents? May be at certain extent. 

CM should have brought to the attention of PWD Minister Dhavlikar to see that the roads are repaired immediately and the traffic lights be installed at more convenient junction as the drivers jumps the line or cross without observing the traffic policemen direction. Especially traffic man cannot control traffic especially during the peak hours, hence no relief to the drivers. People drive with such a tension that they cannot even observe the traffic rules under such circumstances and meet accidents.
Why the Minister Dhavlikar and the PWD department officials were not pulled up and grilled on this most important problem? 

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Emeliano Do Rego
Friday - Apr 21, 2017
Nothing will happen and innocent lives will be lost continuously if the root cause is not dealt appropriately. Transport department and PWD are indirectly responsible for serious accidents.

When I say root cause of these accidents are fraudulent issuing of new licenses through bribes with no rules and laws of the roads are followed while driving, bad planning and bad engineering of roads which is the main cause, merely pumping more money into interceptors, CCTV, radar, alcoholmeters and imposing of helmets rule will not solve the problem unless root cause is nipped in the bud which corrupt rogue authority will never action no matter how many people may die on the road. Purchasing more equipment will only fatten their ill-gotten wealth by way of underhand kicksbacks through contracts.

Look at every major junctions how they are planned and executed for example junction at Verna electronic city is major accident prone zone, this junction could have been very well planned if these idiotic politicians as well as engineers had enough brain there could have been fly over coming from airport road approaching to connection road towards Margao and vice-versa as this place was totally empty before industries came up.

First they allow all sorts of construction to come up along the roadside and then they realize there is no space available for further expansion such a people with half brain are ruling us. All these emergency meetings are mere an eye wash to show the public they are concerned about but most of the time these idiots are concerned about how much kick backs they'll receive though lucrative portfolios.
Jack De Goan
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
If any Goan campaign against AAP means that Goan is indirectly supporting Congress & BJP and the result is above. Struggle for them as well as harassment for Goans.
Amanda Mendes
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
All traffic rules are made to be broken specially in GOA.You will remember although Goa had population of 6 lakhs in 1961/2there were few public buses or caminhao(aminaum)put there was restriction in carrying number of passenger and every passenger was issued a ticket. Now after so called liberation we have gone backward although so called politicians call it development or progress. Traffic policed should provided with cameras/mobile phones to book every traffic offender be it speeding or not adhering to traffic rules including not giving priority to pedestrian including disabled specially at zebra crossing. Until such time authorities are trained/disciplined to do the job they have chosen no recruit should be confirmed in permanent role. Goa Civil Service(Govt.Job) is over manned in relation to is population. i.e.(1:22).It useless commenting as you have a PWD/Transport minister for last several years who has not dented the transport or corrected the wrong doing. Politicians are in politics not for the well being of the population but to line up their on pockets. Income Tax Department should keep a closer tab on politicians and Civil servants in relation to wealth accumulated against earnning.I wonder what Modi/ Jatley next move is going to be after so called demonetisation.
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