Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Now The Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag In The Vishwajit Rane Matter – by Flynn Remedios
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
Now The Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag In The Vishwajit Rane Matter – by Flynn Remedios
Vishwajit Rane who is now the Health minister in Manohar Parrikar's government in Goa had decided and made up his mind to quit the Goa Congress months before the elections. In his own admission to journalist Smita Nair of the Indian Express, in an article published today, Junior Rane has admitted he wanted to float a local party and contest elections along with his wife from Satari and Valpoi respectively and later on support the BJP to form the government. But that did not work out so he contested on a Congress ticket.
These are his own words, his own admission to the Indian Express. NOW ISN'T THIS CHEATING? YOU WANT TO CONTEST & SUPPORT THE BJP BUT IT DOES NOT WORK OUT SO YOU CONTINUE WITH THE CONGRESS.  Then why blame the Goa Congress. No doubt the Congress did not move fast enough, but don't forget you had planned to float your own party and support the BJP months before the elections. What about that? Vishwajit Rane in his own admission to the INDIAN EXPRESS has committed breach of trust and CHEATED the people of Goa by not revealing his true intentions to the electorate.
He should have never contested on a Congress ticket, instead he used the pro-Congress sentiment in Goa to win. All the rest that happened are a means to justify his switching of alliances and possibly reassure his own conscience. He has also admitted in the same article that even before the results were declared he was in touch with Parrikar and Amit Shah. SO NOW THE CAT IS FINALLY OUT OF THE BAG in the Vishwajit Rane matter. In fact when I had met Junior Rane in 2012 just before the 2012 assembly elections then, he seemed uninterested in fully supporting the Congress.
He was nursing a deep desire to launch his own outfit but was unable to come out in the open because of his family ties with the Congress and possibly his father's insistence in the matter. Now he has got a good excuse - the lethargic Congress leadership. Will the people of Satari or Valpoi want such a two-faced leader? Time will surely tell! PLS SHARE with all your friends.

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Jack De Goan
Saturday - Apr 22, 2017
@porcao de Navelim. You are 100% right.

It was match-fixing between Congress & BJP.

How they were knowing before hand that the above said Candidates will win even before counting. EVM has been manipulated and all AAP votes were transferred to each special selected Congress & BJP Candidates.

If GFP can win then why not GSRP? I think even GSRP votes were transferred to GFP.

B.M Khan
Thursday - Apr 20, 2017
What Sr Rane-MGP-Mono-Parrikar-Kamat-Ravi-Parsekar-Mining Mafai did to Goans, to hold on to the mining Loot, destruction of Goa, Denying jobs to Goan christians by being CM of Goa,///////// is exactly what his evil son(Jr Rane) is doing now openly, to plan evil after evil, loot after Loot ////thinking to himself to be UNTOUCHABLE -KING ! that no Goan dare to touch him or his father or Monoo parrikar or MGP(Anti-Goans) group!!

But then , many Dictators like SADAMM , MUHOBARAT and Many others, are living examples that History tell us ,that they too(RSS-ANTI GOANS) will be HAUNTED as PREYS, BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE, when their Time comes. IS THERE GOD, WHO LISTENS & ACTS AGAINST EVIL IN HIS OWN TIME ?!!!
porcao de Navelim
Thursday - Apr 20, 2017
@ Jack de Goan,

You are absolutely Right. Goans must DEMAND to count VVPAT
***(1) Have any Goans thought for a second, why Luizinho or churchill dont want counting of VVPAT ?

***(2) Have any Goan thought for a second, why and How two(2) PLANS were hatched and only one shown to LUIZINHO, CHURCHILL before election, for certain FEE ( to get them elected and make them SILENT) through EVM Machines of deception/delaying results to change election victory(Proxy),...and so on, while the 2nd Plan of Sr-Jr RANE + VIJAY and INDEPNDENT GANG along with Mininig Mafia-Dam-poooh-MGP-RSS, that will eventually betray Goans/Churchill-Luizinho and form Govt, was not even mentioned , to make these LUIZINHO & CHURCHILL SILENT, so that eventually all the Mining looting in Billions(previous crimes and the future crimes) + along with all other looting/Destruction/distoration, discrimination of Goan christains continues through Proxy -fraudulent-criminal acts, as going on since 1961.

Goans need to demand the reason behind LUIZINHO's silent in this regard, if he and churchill is not Guilty of MATCH-FIXING ELECTION RESULTS through faulty EMV Machines and deliberate delay in counting election results to change and bring in those selected to pay for Individual victory and fake results.
Emeliano Do Rego
Thursday - Apr 20, 2017
Any person should and must have some sort of conscience in his/her heart as human. How much can you loot and accumulate wealth after all it is tax payers money. As a person what would you do collecting so much ill-gotten wealth and how much would you enjoy in your life?. If the wealth is by way of hard work fare enough but no loot can be justified in society. Father looted all these years and heir to it is only Son and now Son is on the looting spree having only daughter. After all we all should realize that we are only care takers of all that we have whether hard earned wealth or looted wealth, best any person can do is work for the humanity with integrity and humility.
stephen dias
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
Viswajit has already been known liar and crooked. Even his father does not trust him . Who knows whether his father has given his blessings. Again either one is liar or both are liars. It is a fact that Sr Rane and his wife did not attend oath ceremony at Raj Bhavan and the reason is that the father Rane says he does not want to mix up family politics with state politics so he remained away from the ceremony.

Do you call them both as smart politicians? I do not think but Pratapsing Rane remained in politics in supporting Congress and last moment when his life is almost over e cheated Congress. His whole reputation is gone because of his son.

What is interesting to know is Jr Rane when he is called for an interview with the Editors the question are well framed so that it suits him and the answer if it is wrong are again edited for his liking and the public are therefore fooled. All these[politicians goes to give interview to get them absolved of their sins.

If the Editor who interviews these chaps can ask direct questions and they will be caught red handed.Last interview which I heard was on Prudent Media and the questions was well fabricated to suit Visvajit. If I was there I would have asked direct questions and catch him and the lies will come out.

People should know that all these interviews are a just a NATOK to fool the people.

What Congress must do is install a CCTV in Sr Rane house and when Viswajit comes switch ON. If it was put earlier the CCTV would have shown whether the father has given his blessings or not.

Wait for only few days the real facts from Sr Rane mouth will come out.
Another gossip news that Visvajit has taken important files to study the at home and Dean as well the GMC administration has allowed them . that was before his Ministership published in the Gazette as well as before the oath ceremony ? What th earlier Health Minister was doing if that was true? Wait and see all the vacancies will be filled from Valpoi and Satari I presume the same history will repeat. Hope that our CM will not be fooled by this wiseman.

Goem kabar , Loot , Loot and Loot
Jack De Goan
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
BJP will fall if VVPAT is counted. There can be re-election. This is possible if all honest Goans wake up and demand VVPAT counting. This right has been given by the Supreme Court to the Voters. EVM counting should be done along with VVPAT counting and then result should be announced. 2017 Goa Assembly election result was announced without counting VVPAT.
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
Goans love to vote for stray dogs, Ranedukors and criminals as their leaders. Shame on Goans voters for voting such people.
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