Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Protest At Valpoi Against Valpoi Police For Harassment At Sonshi
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
Valpoi: At least 50 villagers from Sonshi village held a protest rally at the police station here on Sunday highlighting the harassment meted out to the villagers by the police. “We have not done any offence. It is our right to get pollution- free air and water. We have come on to the streets to seek justice and to fight for our (human) rights. There's nothing wrong in it,” said Sheetal Gawade, a local villager.
She said, "The villagers were only demanding fresh potable water, pure air, employment and permanent doctor at their health centre but instead the police send them ( protesters) to jail." “Government has to see the sufferings of the children. If their parents are arrested who will take care of them. Authorities must intervene and resolve the issue for the welfare of villagers,” said Shantaram Gawade, a villager from Sonshi.
Valpoi PS, police inspector Dipak Pednekar, told the villagers that he could do little now as the action taken against them was initiated as per law.  Sonshi villagers are facing air pollution due to the trucks carrying ore on a daily basis. Villagers have appealed to the state authorities and mining companies to resolve the issue at least on humanitarian ground. FUMING WITH RAGE: Children at Sonshi village hold placards on Sunday to protest the arrest of their parents – Herald

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Jack De Goan
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
AAP rightly said "Congress & BJP are like Husband & Wife". Both fight with each other, but both love each other. Both knows each other’s secret, but never expose each other in public. AAP candidates are Honest, Educated, Selfless and have good intentions to Serve Goa & Goans.
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
My Dear Valpoikars,

I guess the Guha Pulis sent you to jail because they believe wholeheartedly that their Jail is the only place where you can get fresh potable water, pure air, etc. etc. So why complain huh??? And blame the Authorities??? Who do you mean by Authorities??? I am lost for words or any explanation as far as the so-called "Authorities" are concerned.
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
Time for Goans to support Sonshi Villagers and revolt against corrupt Government.
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