Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Any Attempt To Ban Beef And Lovers In Goa Will Meet With Disaster To Unsocial Elements Assures GSRP
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
Any Attempt To Ban Beef And Lovers In Goa Will Meet With Disaster To Unsocial Elements Assures GSRP
Mapuça: Goa Su-Raaj Party-GSRP, while having taken note of the fringe element  like ‘VHP’ professing its boast on its capability to ban cow slaughter and total ban on beef in Goa, has this to say:- << Quote That fringe elements like VHP and its satellites Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, etc., may flex their muscles elsewhere in India but not in GOA.
That we Goans do not care if you build Ram Temple at Ayodya, if you beat up couples in public places to deter Romeos, if you violate the precincts of privacy to conduct your nefarious agenda, etc., elsewhere in India. But you shall not be able to do so in GOA.
You may have been emboldened with Yogi Adityanath having been elevated to be the Chief Minister of UP.  But if you try your nefarious stunts in Goa, you will suffer the same fate that Sree Ram Sene’s Pramod Muthalik and Satan Saustha has suffered.
This Party wants to tell Mr. Acharya Radha Krishna Manori, the VHP general secretary in Goa that Hindus, Muslims and Christians in Goa are GOANS first and shall not be cowed down by your flexing of muscles here in Goa and take it lying down to imported threaths.  Let this be a warning to you and all others like you not to overstep your hospitality in Goa. >>Unquote
Goa Su-Raj Party has actively decided to act against any such move by any fundamentalist groups from outside the state of Goa.  According to the spokesperson of GSRP, there will be serious repercussions if VHP and its other communal and terror branches try to attack the culture of Goa and its population (locals).  

Ram sene has already been banned in Goa, as more such activities start taking place in Goa under the communal banner of BJP, there would be counter activities to control the fiddling with the fundamental rights under the Indian Consitution.
The terrorist organisation called Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Sunday said that it is capable of imposing a total ban on cow slaughter and consumption of beef in Goa in next couple of years, without the government’s help. A senior VHP functionary Radha Krishna Manori, the organisation will impose the ban in the state with the help of the Bajrang Dal and the Durga Vahini activists which the Goans will counter act and defy these criminals in disguise who cannot feed the stray cows.

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Sunday - May 7, 2017
Any chance of renaming the COW like in the case of the coconut tree.
Alberto Gonsalves
Friday - Apr 21, 2017
The Goans have the unilateral right and priority to make their full demands in anything they desire and command respect, because they are the owners their land Goa. This is the tradition respected wherever, in all countries all around world, where the landowners are the indigenous people like in Goa. Therefore the land of Goa belongs to Goans themselves and not the Kokno Government and their Governor, Mirdula Sinha.

The Goans therefore have their native ownership right to demand job reservation quota to the highest positions as bosses in their own land Goa, above the rest of Koknee/Marathis. If the government cannot do that than it should quit Goa altogether and leave Goans to rule in peace themselves, without molestation from outsiders.
Alfonso de Alvares(Morjim)
Thursday - Apr 20, 2017
DEVILS CURSED CHILDREN OF RSS-HINDUS-PM-MONO PARRIKAR-RANE-PARSEKAR-RAVI-MGP-Evil's SHADOW/PRESENCE..... should not be allowed to fall on Goa/Goan innocent Children , after knowing their hidden evil-satanic-diabloic- anti-Goan-criminal -agenda-ever now.

Goans must do something very urgently, to FREE GOANS from RSS-EVILS. (Mono -parrikar-Vijay-Rane -MGPs-Pooolishce force-Dampooh mining - gang is the greatest Dangerous evils present/living in Goa, that can be only wiped/finished
Joe Lobo, Nairobi
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
There is no long term guarantee that this will not happen. All this denial of Goan way of life comes from Goans’ link to Marathis or Konkans as they are known. It was a big mistake and no reason for Goans to incorporate the Marathis, into their political fold and system, and who are not any different from the present day Ghantis, whom the Goans detest, and when, they have their own land outside our borders to which they belong.

Goan besides, had his own right to seek his own independence away from these Marathis, like Maldives which was part of India as British India and yet became independent of its own choice. Goa had even better reason and chance to be independent because it was ruled by a different sovereign nation and therefore was automatically separate and disconnected to British India, whose subjects were these Marathis and who gained their due independence in in 1947. Goans screwed up themselves by connecting themselves to these Marathi Ghantis through an unblessed coupling to enjoy the orgy of erotic sexual jig-jig and bastardize sacred Goa, from hippies to Nigerians and others in-between. If the Goans analyse and dissect carefully from an environmental and social view point and study the damages caused, you will realize that it is ‘the other uninvited Marathi half’ that is responsible for their vows and downfall. All the ills and the curses Goa is getting is through Goans’ connection to these ill-conceived people. The Goans themselves have to bear the blame for their folly and for inviting their curse to somersault on themselves.
Alvito Abreu
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
@ DIASPORA … I agree with you Mr. Diaspora Goan. I know that Goa Diaspora has the cleverest Goans in the world who successfully run other people’s nations. Now you must help Goa by sending an Armada to save Goa! Not just money remittances into the economy of Goa that makes Goa the richest state in India. We Goans in Goa, with our able brothers and sisters in diaspora can drive these monkeys back over the Ghats back to their jungles of Konkan and rest of Maharashtra. We don’t need these outsiders like Congress, MGP, BJP (baa-jee-puri) and AAP with ’topi’ to teach us. We Goans and Goa being by the Sea were civilized long before the still junglis behind us. Just as junglis are, no wonder they have without our permission encroached on our sacred land of Goa.
Antonio da Costa
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
Goans have not to be worried because Goa Human Rights Commission is established and entrusted to look into the all violation of Goans’ Human Right under the United Nations Universal Human Rights Charter, and report directly to the United Nations Headquarters, New York. Goa Human Rights Commission has a big advantage and privilege because the Head of United Nations is a Portuguese, Senhor Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of United Nations, whose wife since is born in Panjim (not Marathi Panaji) is a Goan holding the same Portuguese passport given to every Goan born in Goa. Goa Human Rights Commission therefore in using that influence, without any usual corrupt Goa-type bribing, can present the case of any violation of Goan Human Right directly to United Nations Security Council, that includes India’s BRICS counterparts Russia and China.

Given the strength that beef (cow meat) consists basic essential stable diet of every Goan, and the fact that India is the biggest slaughterer of cows in the world, being the leading exporter of cow meat in the world, Goa Human Rights Commission is able to table the beef related menu of the violation of Goan’s Universal Human Right on the table of United Nations Security Council.

So, Goans can rest assured that Goa State Human Rights Commission has the capability of fighting their case in the United Nations, by putting on the agenda of the violation of Goans’ Universal Human Right over their eating habit of cow meat on the table of United Nations Security Council of world’s most powerful nations.
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
What Goans can retaliate? Balls! They only bark like toothless dogs! They have not done that for last 55 years! And now going to be soon a century, and those who talk and do nothing will by then go to their graves, and that’s all!

The other one says, that AAP says that “Congress & BJP are like Husband and Wife”. Let me tell you and Dr. Oscar Rebello will tell you, that AAP was only born just yesterday. In Goa it is still sucking the breast to grow up. Some of us Goans have long acquired matured brains to know all, that all along for decades that both Congress and BJP have been acting as husband and wife, and even produced illegitimate children in between. Now can you tell that to AAP with ‘topi’?!!
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
I am working on my new recipe VHP vindaloo, VHP Roulade, and VHP Xacuti.
Jack De Goan
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
AAP rightly said "Congress & BJP are like Husband & Wife". Both fight with each other, but both love each other. Both knows each other’s secret, but never expose each other in public.
ão Boatião
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
This all evil comes though the source of those who have come into our land and have squatted and brought their philosophy and culture, including Marathi into our once peaceful Goa.
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
Let these illiterate ghanttis preach in their ghantiland and not in Goa. Goans are peace loving, there is no doublt about it, but know to retaliate when time comes. so, I tell these scum along with communalist BJP to FU*K OFF from Goa.
Emeliano Do Rego
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
In my opinion the matter is between legal and illegal slaughterhouses. Those meat eaters should have some concern towards animals from the where the meat is coming on to their plate, therefore I fully support banning of illigal slaughtering of animals. Look at in every village tinto how chickens and goats and even pigs are slaughtered recklessly without any checks are done which is not only health issues but the spread of diseases with the waste strewn in the backyards. We are in modern age with modern houses and modern vehicles so why not to follow modern way of slaughtering of animals for human consumption.
Tulshidas Shirodkar, Sanguem
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
True Senhor Floriano and GSRP. This is what we need at the moment and have to save our Goa and each one's rights to eat and do what they want. These are terrorists and must be banned from Goa.
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
This ban is fully supported by Marathi Goa Human Rights Commission and that is why they have not come forward to protest or warn against its imminent implementation. This is a serious matter of food and their staple diet of Goans for half a millennium. This is one way to drive the Goans out of their indigenous motherland, to which Goa Human Rights Commission has shown no concern simply because it is a Marathi organization only for Marathis.
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