Monday, August 21, 2017
Let The New Light Of Easter Bring Justice To Fr. Bismarque – by Nixon Fernandes
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
Let The New Light Of Easter Bring Justice To Fr. Bismarque – by Nixon Fernandes
Goans world over and in Goa are eagerly gearing up for Easter. The 40 days of Lent, suffering of Jesus Christ is over and within a few hours from now we will be celebrating Easter with New light and renewed HOPE in each and everyone’s life. We all know Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and Easter is a time to ask for forgiveness. Many among us choose to sacrifice certain things for 40 days, like Meat, Liquor among others yet there are few Goans who have been sacrificing many things for the past 17-18 months just to get justice for our son of soil Fr. Bismarque Dias. The Bismarque Warriors or Sparks as they are called are tolling hard day and night so the murders of Fr. Bismarque are finally brought to task. High Court nearly took 17 months to register the case as Murder and not as drowning which was made up our infamous Goa Police.
Helping hands are always better than talking mouths and in the case of Fr. Bismarque there were accusations of Cheating, deceit, murder and money laundering against some of those who were seeking justice to Fr. Bismarque, the crab mentality of Goans is very much visible here, rather than helping those who were pursuing the case of Fr. Dias many came forward to pull them down, by hurling abuses, targeting their families too. Some so called intellectuals on social media even didn’t hesitate to bring their dead ones in the pictures when they were nowhere related to the case. It’s not only a shame to do such thing but it’s a grave sin of targeting somebody’s personal life just for mere satisfaction of Ego. Just wished all those who did this and those who took pleasure in this crime should have put themselves in their shoes first.
When Fr. Bismarque dead body was found there was huge outcry in entire Goa even people who were not connected with Fr. were saddened by his loss, many realized after his death what Fr. was fighting for, many understood that Fr. was not concerned about himself but was deeply concerned about Goa as to how our scoundrels(Politicians) are robbing Goa, and for speaking up the truth he paid the price but the fight is far from over infact those who were with Fr. were seen as his murder suspects infact on social media they were stripped naked without facing a judicial trial, but their perseverance finally paid off, they were written off as cheats, money launders etc.. High Court finally accepted the case as murder and this is the first small victory towards justice for Fr. Bismarque, no doubt the family of Fr. paid a very heavy price to get this victory, within a span of a year brother of Fr. Bismarque died, yet they haven’t lost HOPE and it’s this HOPE that keeps the family going. I wish and pray that Justice will be done soon to our beloved Fr.
The first victory in registering the case as Murder is attributed to all Goans who stood behind the family members of Fr. Bismarque, who supported the Bismarque warriors, and too each and every Goan who has HOPE that Justice will be done in Fr. Bismarque case.
Let’s pray and HOPE that this Easter a New Light emerge and clear the clouds of darkness that are still surrounding the case.
Hearty Congratulations to everyone connected with Justice for Fr. Bismarque.. Keep it up guys.

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Joe Bonaparte
Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017
First time the Goans have not backed down in the heroic, undaunted to death, spirit of Fr. Bismarque. Viva Goa!
Goenkar Putt
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
Goans themselves were the light of Goa given when Goa was created, and which had shone like a bright beacon for over four and a half centuries. Since Ghanti Marathi/konkans have overrun Goa in 1961, plundering, Goa has plunged into darkness, which is growing abysmal day by day. So much so Goa’s light from her sons of her virgin soil, has been driven away. It is now lighting the Western Democracies and making them even brighter. Goa’s loss has become the Western countries’ gain. Until the Goans snatch their land back, poor Goa is going to perish.
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