Monday, August 21, 2017
Time For Manohar Parrikar To Quit And Leave Goa In Peace – by Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
Time For Manohar Parrikar To Quit And Leave Goa In Peace – by Aires Rodrigues
Manohar Parrikar has finally confessed what we all knew, that he quit as Defence Minister because he could not take the pressure of the job. Infact due to his disastrous performance as Defence Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was just waiting for an opportunity to bundle him out. It was on account of this that Manohar Parrikar craftily plotted his return to Goa by stage managing the Goa Forward and MGP to lay a pre-condition that their support to the BJP was subject to him being made the Chief Minister.
Infact as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar was found very frequently falling asleep inside and outside Parliament. Infact reportedly the heads of the three services of the Indian Armed Forces had reportedly conveyed to the Prime Minister their grave concern that the Defence Minister was frequently snoring even during key meetings. And rightly key issues like Kashmir could never be resolved with the Defence Minister dozing off. There were other concerns also expressed about the functioning of Manohar Parrikar.
Prime Minister Modi was apparently not even keeping Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in the loop, as he would go abroad and work out defence deals whilst Manohar Parrikar would be loitering in Goa and even on one occasion was inaugurating a fish stall whilst Narendra Modi was finalising the Rafaele deal in Paris.
There has been a mistaken belief that Manohar Parrikar who is an IITian is a smart man. Having read his file notings there is no doubt that even an 8th Std student would out beat him in essay writing. Manohar Parrikar has lost his sheen after trying to govern by politics of bullying, revenge, retribution and blackmail which he could not resort to while in Delhi. May be its time for him to hang its boots before he loses his few remaining marbles.

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Jack De Goan
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
All honest Goans must come forward in large numbers and request EC to count VVPAT. If VVPAT is counted then definitely BJP will fall and there will be re-election and then all Goans in one voice can say goodbye forever BJP & Congress from Goa. This is possible if honest Goans wake up and demand VVPAT counting. This request is inside the law and not outside the law.
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
Leave in Peace??? I wonder if he will be able to leave Goa in One Piece. Forget about Peace once Dr. Aires is after the Idiot! What to do now??? I am already sick of reading all this rubbish and these people do not help me in anyway to let me live in Peace, let alone "One Piece". Please do not disturb me as I am now relaxing in the White Sands after a couple of "Happy Pegs" at Furtado's.
Carzulo Bitbito
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
@ao Boastiao ...You are absolutely right, I believe you!! This was the ‘Mother of all Elections’ of all elections!! No elections have been ever contested so vigorously and aggressively in Goa since Goa has been Liberated! From the sun ‘Suraj’ to AAP with ‘topi’ from New Delhi.

There is no sun now to shine on Goa, nor there a topi for to wear and be proud!! Now the topi will stay good enough to fill the shit when these increasing Ghantis/Marathis defecate on the Goa streets. This is how Goa will be after this ‘Mother of all Elections’ blessed by cowpuja Governor, herself an old cow, you so often see on Goa’s street.
ão Boatião
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
Now the Goans don’t have to undergo the big hullaballoo they made over the past five years in the run up to the recent Goa elections, because the Governor of Goa is all ready to swear in Parrikar, once again, as Chief Minister of Goa, for the following next term after this, without him standing for election and run the risk, by just asking him to give a floor test, once again. So, we can have Parrikar as a permanent Chief Minster of Goa forever and BJP permanently in power. This is best for democracy in Goa in a Kokno ruled State, where it works.
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
In the last Assembly only one or two took oath in Kokni and all the rest took oath in their language of Marathi. This time more seem to have taken oath in Kokni, but of course not in our Konkani which these Marathis cannot speak because it is not their mother tongue. They are now afraid that the Goans who have lived in diaspora are better acquainted with International politics, and have gained knowledge and influence to know how Goa, as an occupied territory comes into that jurisdiction, and are preparing to come back to their land and throw them out, just as they have been thrown out. The Goans may have to start their struggle like the Kashmiri people where Parrikar has been boasting of his surgical strikes. But the Goans will have to conduct and deal with these people through clinical strikes.
Ignatius Fernandes
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
They are trying to prove that they are Goans when they are all Ghantis. In fact the Ghantis of today are better off dressed in shirts and English trousers. Whereas, they came into Goa with a piece cloth to cover the balls and hairs around it, as if it was the only currency brought along from the Ghats.
Caetan Fernandes
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
It made news in the Goan diaspora of Swindon and London that Parrikar has made a history for himself, by for first time taking an oath in Devanagari Kokni dialect(mix Kokni/Marathi), but of course, not in Goencar Konkani the traditional language of his adopted diaspora of Goa. The Governor of Goa did not know a word nor head or tail what he was muttering. Whether he was agreeing to what he was saying or disagreeing. Last time he took the oath in Marathi, his mother tongue, since he is from Maharashtra, the State of his origin.
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
This is my Easter message: The Goans have to think otherwise. This Koknee/Marathi orgy is not going to help them and does help their land Goa either which is now in agony, and they have lost half a century that belong to their poor children. They have straight responsibility to their land and themselves if they at all want to be all responsible.

These Marathi/Koknee don’t belong to Goa and that is clear. They have their own land Maharashtra and should be told to get out and develop their own and not mess and experiment with Goa, making their playground. Goans don’t need them, they can better develop their own land according to themselves. Besides, you can see these alien people whatever they are, they are people of low breed and with no morals and that is why they are hanging on to what does belong to them. Nowhere, around the world where Goans have lived and served, they have never exploited or robbed those peoples or their land. Goans have always been honest to their hosts.

The Goans should know that they are safeguarded by international law and rules made especially for vulnerable people to be used, by like them. These rules are evoked and successfully applied around the world and Goans are not any different. Goans should not be pessimistic or emotionalised towards these rogues and thieves, but be logical. They should not get entangled in Indian system which is holding them back and illegally. They should carve their own destiny as per International Law and Order to which they are openly entitled without doubt.
Mel de Goa
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
The only way to bring Parrikar down is to play his own game of 'divide and rule'. Parrikar and his Brahmin lobby have divided and marginalised the Christian and Bahujan communities. There is no single leader who can take him on now. Despite losing the election badly he has come back as CM.

The only way to defeat Parrikar is to make another BRAHMIN fight against him and become CM. Just like Diggu Kamat did by breaking away from the BJP, stabbing Parrikar in the back and becoming CM for five years. My best bet would be Sudin Dhavlikar, who has been desperate and greedy to become the CM. He is cunning, corrupt and an ar5hole.

Congress still has 16 and MGP has 3, will need another 2-3 more. Most likely will happen after 2019, when g@y Modi loses the national elections
Till then congress can strengthen its base, by spreading out to the tribals in south goa, the mine affected interior parts, the velips, dangars and sc/st people. Also there are significant non goan voters in the slums, just used as vote banks. All these people the brahmin bjp party has used and thrown away, like toilet paper.

It can also try and get leaders who fought and lost elections from the bahujan samaj, be it at MLA or even Sarpanch level. However there are very few congress leaders who can do this spade work. Most of them, like falerio , ravi and rane are too old and are still busy counting their loot and rest are too busy sucking up to Parrikar. One MLA who has potential is Reginaldo Lourenco. He is relatively clean, decent and works hard. However he needs to stop his underhand land dealings and spend that time strenghting the Congress base. If he does so, has good chance to become future cm of Goa.
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
Parrikar was not sleeping but only fooled everyone who were there. He is a crook person.
Mel de Goa
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
Dear Sir,

I beg to differ about your views on Parrikar. I feel that the real reason for the rise of BJP/ Parrikar is the powerful Gowd Saraswat Brahmin lobby. This lobby has support from the Catholic Brahmins, many of them even from the Church.

The GSB community was and still are generally despised by the Hindu lower castes, ie the Bahujan Samaj.

Post liberation this Samaj voted with their feet for the MJP. The GSB community were gradually marginalised from political power and only remained through Babu Naik and such non leaders. They however still retained considerable force through their control of the medical profession, diversifying from priestly activites to business and land dealings.
In the 1990s political power gradually shifted from the MGP to the Congress party dominated by Christians.
The bahujan samaj felt isolated and marginalised. Enter Parrikar in this scenario, with BJP at that moment being a non entity, like AAP of today. However due to various factors, Parrikar has managed to take the part from 2 to 21 and to power even with 13.
Some of the reasons are as given below
1) The safforinisation of the bahujan.
The same people who usually would call the likes of Kamat and Parrikar a ' bamon ched***cho" today vote for the same Bamon. Various reasons, one of them no doubt was the RSS/ Brahmin propaganda in the interior heartlands about the domination of political power by christians. A similar fear instilled in UP among the OBC about Samajwadi Party support for Muslims. The Hindu OBCs now desire to be the Other Brahmin Castes, forgetting their thousands of years of humiliation and de humanisation by the brahmins!
The Congress did not aggresively enter the areas vacated by the MGP.
However Parrikar worked hard in these areas, propping up Bahujan leaders such as Shripad Naik, to capture the bahujan votes. However in the long run, Parrikar showed his true brahmin blood by using these bahujan samaj leaders and marginalising or destroying them. By rule Shripad should have been CM of Goa. However along with his son, he is a non entity in the political landscape of Goa.
I am sure that Parrikar, through RSS leader Velingkar ( brahmin) joined with the MGP to float the Goa Suraksha Manch. This manch and the MGP were responsible for the defeat of several BJP bahujan samaj leader. Leaders who may have gone on to challenge Parrikar. As soon as the elections got over, this Manch evaporated, Velingkar rejoined the RSS and MGP supported the BJP,!!!!!!!!!! Allwinners, except the bahujan samaj leaders who lost!!!!!

2) The fragmenation of the powerful Christian vote along with the Judas element.

The minority vote, if played well, can make a huge difference in 16-20 seats. However the lack of any significant catholic leader of the likes of Jack Sequeira, the infighting, the desperate lust for power etc etc has discredited and marginalised the christian vote. The only Christian political leader who could take on the bjp vote bank was Monster rat. However to describe him as a Christian would be an insult to Chritianity. A coward, pimp, rapist, sex maniac, money crazy and immoral would be more appropriate. Also the Judasses, like Mauvin, Dsousa, Lobo who are happy to be Parrikars pig( the old pig toilet) in return for benefits. Parrikar has used these pigs to clean up his backyard but has kept them as pigs
Mr Francis Dsousa should have been made Goas Cm, after Parrikar was sent to sleep with Modi to Delhi. However he was humilated and ignored, serving under a junior and useless Parsekar. Michael Lobo, who got two Goa Forward MLA s elected and was in the forefront of getting Parrikar the required MLAs, was given a consolation prize of deputy speaker and off course the honour of tasting parrikars s:: t, oink oink.

I am sure that the Brahmin elements in the Church were in the forefornt of getting Parrikar the Christian votes in 2012. Only after Parrikar used and kicked them, that they realised this brahmins king cobra blood in 2017.

3) The spread of brahmin cancer through all political parties.
The RSS, the BRAHMIN LOBBY and Parrikar have infiltrated all other parties in Goa. The MJP which was purely set up to work for the benefit of the bahujan samaj and ironically as an anti brahmin party, has been hijacked by the Dhavlikar brothers. Who are hardcore brahmins, even more hardcore than the rss!!!
The goa forward, through Vijay kutro Sardessai, was the B team of the BJP. Rohan Kaunte, an independent backed by Faleiro, again is at heart a Brahmin RSs man. Kamat was also a sleeper cell brahmin, sent by the rss to infiltrate the Congress.

So like the Jews, when in need, Parrikar rang the bell and all the Brahmins came out of the woodwork and got together to form the government. The money and planning came from Nitin Gadkari, another fat oily corrupt child killing brahmin.( google child found dead, nitin gadkari) or shell companies nitin gadkari.

So please dont blame anyone. The brahmins who are hardly 5% used religion to dominate society for 1000s of years. Now they dominate politics and democracy, which ironically is the rule of the majority, by similar evil and cunning ploys.

It is the king cobra, and the head of this king cobra is Parrikar.
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
He looks like a statue. Poo-rikar is a disgrace to Goa.
John D'mello
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
Even if Parrikar is not good or fit for anything, there is one thing he is very good at, and that is to kick Goans’ arse. That he does well and shows the Goans his Marathi power. Goans have got no power even after Goa being theirs. He has shown this somehow now against all impossible odds to be the Chief Minster of Goa. So, why talk or complain when you are incapable?
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