Sunday, August 20, 2017
Mopa Airport Is Anti-People – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
Mopa Airport Is Anti-People – by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Despite one case pending before the SC and two of  other cases before the NGT, the Goverment is surreptitiously continuing the work of Mopa airport which is a contempt of court as well against  the wishes of the people.  Less than 10% of the tenants of Mopa had been paid measly compensation of Rs. 25 to Rs. 80 only from the total number of 7869 tenants.
The stealthy dispossession of the land belonging to the tenants at throwaway prices which is going to get out of their grasp forever is another case of anti-people decision of the government of Goa which is trying to flout every law in order to destroy the hot spot of biodiversity and the flora and fauna of the scenic plateau of Mopa.
The people of Mopa should organise themselves and immediately put a stop to the land grabbing by the state against their wishes or else they will be the prime losers as well as Goa will also lose large tracts of land that is abundant in varied exotic animals, trees, birds and butterflies which will sound a death knell to the plateau of Mopa being used for commercial interest of a few who have bought land in that location to satisfy their lust for lucre.

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Tulshidas Shirodkar, Sanguem
Monday - Apr 17, 2017
We do not need Mopa. I will take a whole day to reach my house in Sanguem if my plane lands at Mopa. Goans must stop this but do not trust BJP and specially the king of U-Turn makers.
António de Oliveira Salazar
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
Why only people of Mopa? Why not you too motivate people around you? That Mopa is just a ghost of airport. No planes will risk to land there. Ask any airlines.
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