Sunday, August 20, 2017
Unity Of Congressmen Is Imperative – A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
Unity Of Congressmen Is Imperative – A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
A month has been passed already since by murdering the right democratic procedure and with the backing of the Central government, the BJP government was formed in Goa. Though Congress was partly responsible for its customary “susegad” Goan approach to put its claim to form the government yet it is surprising the Congress is still lethargic in handling appropriately the current chaotic political turmoil in Goa.
It should not have given smooth sailing to Jr. Rane to move freely to BJP and moreover the same Congress is still not showing its readiness to pose a strong challenge to Jr. Rane and Parricar in the forthcoming by polls. Both Jr. Rane and Godinho jointly brought havoc on Goa by doing all mischief as they were known to do earlier. Both of them will play their political game as if it is a football game for them. Is there any one in the Congress group among their MLA's to be vigilante on the misdeeds of the BJP's MLA's and Ministers? Is there any one among the Congressmen who is more upright than the bended BGP MLA's? There is a saying in Konkani "Apun zanvcho khum nit ani dusreak marchem mitt".
If Congress was a bit strong, GFP MLA’s and Jr. Rane would not have been doing what inhuman betrayal they have already done. If Congress in the last election got 17 Seats, it was not because voters loved Congress but because voters in Goa hated BJP and its “dadagiri” to suppress people’s rights and create communal atmosphere in Goa in which case not a single Christian BJP MLA would be able to raise his voice forcefully. Even if he does, he will have to think twice otherwise he will get a boot from RSS. It looks BJP is preparing the way to deGoanise Goans who opposed them. The mandate given to Congress by the Goan voters was a gift to Congress to discard BJP and rule Goa even though it would not do something extraordinary. The need of the hour was dethroning of BJP but Congress failed us.
The priority now in front of Congress is to find ways and means to oppose Jr. Rane and Parricar in the by elections and to be more vocal and aggressive and not to remain dormant as it looks now. Congress must know that it has its responsibilities towards its voters who expect every elected Congressman to be united to pounce on its opponents when got an opportunity which is not very far.

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Jack De Goan
Tuesday - Apr 18, 2017
AAP rightly said "Congress & BJP are like Husband & Wife". Both fight with each other, but both love each other. Both knows each other’s secret, but never expose each other in public.
Caetan Fernandes
Sunday - Apr 16, 2017
It made news in the Goan diaspora of Swindon and London that Parrikar has made a history by for first time by taking an oath in Devanagari Kokni dialect(mix Kokni/Marathi), but of course not in niz Goencar Konkani of his adopted diaspora Goa. The Governor of Goa did not know a word what he was muttering. Whether he was agreeing to what he was saying or disagreeing. Last time he took the oath in Marathi since he is from Maharashtra, the State of his origin.
aõ Bostiao
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
Parrikar was not elected but ordained by the Cowpuja Priestess as Chief Minster of Goa. So, religiously it is valid.
Carzulo Bitbito
Saturday - Apr 15, 2017
When I come on the opposite side of Goa into the diaspora and look through powerful binoculars, I can what a mess our Goans have made by playing with Marathis/Konkanees from the Ghats, who came to Goa with nothing but balls and hairs around them, which they have used as currency to buy our Goa and Goans, turning us into their obedient slaves.
Anonymous the VIII
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
Veronica, you are expecting the impossible. Congressman have their own personal goals, each one of them. They are a divided house because the ones at the helm are really STUPID! There can NEVER be unity in the Congress, unless some REAL STATESMAN takes charge.
Diasporan Goan
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
Money makes Government in Goa. Goans have no money to bribe. All the money of Goa is in the hands of Marathis/Konkans from Ghats, having come down and robbed their liberation and monopolized all the wealth of Goa, leaving Goans poor. Now baby cry, cry and cry.
Friday - Apr 14, 2017
I like the Goan democracy or what is called Kokno Democracy where someone without standing for election can be the Chief Minister of Goa. Fantastic democracy!! I also heard that one without standing for election can be Prime Minister of India, as once did happen.

All you need in an ad hoc manner, is to have the Governor (even through bribery) or the President of India to respectively administer the oath. So, why go into the trouble and botheration of elections when it can be so easily done. Lots of effort and money could be saved!!
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