Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Shiv Sena Predicts The Fall Of BJP In Goa Soon
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
Panjim: Describing the ruling alliance in Goa, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and comprising two regional parties Goa Forward Party and the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and two Independent legislators, as a “corrupt nexus,” Shiv Sena national spokesperson Sanjay Raut on Monday predicted that this government will collapse soon.
“Manohar Parrikar came to Goa from the Defence Ministry to stabilize the government and stay in power. But he knows that he is not on a firm footing and his feet will crumble soon in the near future. This is a corrupt alliance,” Mr. Raut said at a press conference here. The BJP, which had fallen from having 21 MLAs to 13 in the February 4 elections, thus ending up as the second largest party, nonetheless managed to form the government with the help of non-BJP parties and Independent legislators.
Mr. Raut said the BJP had “stolen” a mandate, which was against the party. He also accused regional parties like the MGP and Goa Forward party, which had contested the elections on an anti-BJP plank, but later joined the BJP, as “traitors of the Goan electorate”.
“Both these parties had contested the elections against the BJP, but did not lose time to join the BJP after the counting of votes. This is a betrayal of the Goan people and they will never be forgiven,” he said.  In reply to a question, he said that despite the rout the Shiv Sena faced in the Goa polls, its work would continue in Goa. “We aren’t here for elections alone. Uddhav Thackeray (Shiv Sena president) will be coming to Goa next month and a big meeting will be held where the future course of action for Goa will be announced,” he said. – The Hindu

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Thursday - Mar 30, 2017
GOOD LAWS MAKE HONEST INDIVDUALL (Laws of the USA, tax deduction in 1935 /1981,philanthropic)

The day India was born to rape and invade GOA. Good laws were never a part of the Indian system. Millions were indirectly killed by Gandhi (Statue at old Goa to compete with our saint Francis Xavier, although saint Francis Xavier killed and harmed no one)

Do Goans love Indian shit? or are we Goans forced to eat Indian shit?
Porrichem Malundd
Wednesday - Mar 29, 2017
If by chance the BJP govt. falls tomorrow and all 10 non BJP Members of Looters' Alliance join Congress, do the Indian NAPPING Congress (INC) know who will be projected or chosen as their CM? This is the fate of the Chorgress... er...Congress
Saturday - Mar 25, 2017
As far as I'm concerned Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress and all the XYZ parties are the same, just different names. However, Shiv Sena coming to Goa, (God save this tiny state) will be ruined. The latest example, we have seen a Shiv Sena member behave on flights, where they have no ethics, and and behave like gangsters. I hope the people have the common sense to oust this party before it sets foot in Goa.
pani puri
Thursday - Mar 23, 2017
Even Babush wants the newly not formed Government to fail. So he can stand for election again. May be all the trees that he cut, have cursed him. In Taleigao the wife will still boss over the locals and the panchayat.

All properties he wanted to rob in Panjim and Taleigao will be put on ice for a while.
Thursday - Mar 23, 2017
Everyone is predicting someone else's fall! This is a game of Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses, Pocketful of Poses, Achcha, Buchcha, All Fall Down. We used to play this when we were very small kids. Now Big grown up idiots (with a 5 year old's mentality) are playing the same but in a different way. Cheers!!! and Enjoy the Fun!!!
Goan Boy
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
We Goan's do not need Shiv Sena to save GOA, Mr. Uddhav Thakeray should focus on Maharashtra for it is slipping from under his feet, it want be long before there will not be a single Shiv sena candidate in the Maharashtra assembly just like MNS

Word of advise we Niz Goenkar do not need another ghatti party to help or save Goa, we already have three ghatti party's, we hope that one day they will be expelled from Goa for life
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