Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Reduce Debt – by Floriano Lobo
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
Reduce Debt – by Floriano Lobo
In utter dismay I listened to candidate after candidate, some of whom are now MLAs that they will do development in the state of Goa. CM also says the same. State of Goa is in debt to the tune of Rs 15000+ crores. Is the government going to borrow still more and burden the state further? Without money it is not possible to do development.
It is not so intelligent on the part of the candidates to promise development but they don’t have anything else to say, so they go about promising development. It might be because of the percentage that the contractor is force to pay to these elected representatives.
 Goa should reduce the number of the welfare schemes so that the burden of debt is reduced. Welfare should go to the really deserving families. Stop development till the debt of the state is brought under control. Otherwise we will be a bankrupt state soon.
Antonio Barbosa, Colva
A very thoughtful letter indeed. Mr. Barbosa must be congratulated, as this is what Goans must dwell upon. Can one prosper when loaded upto the neck with debts? This leads to dispair and ultimate disaster, the suicide, as we have seen happening with the 'farmers' in India.
Yes, Mr. Barbosa, the figure of 15,000 crores public debt of Goa is just the tip of the iceberg. It is actually close to 70,000 crores and galloping towards a lakh crores which race shall be a reality shortly at the way Goa's administration is handled. And yes, development must be curtailed until Goa is clear of all crippling debts, loans and bonds redemption, only permitting dire essential and necessary developmental works.
In its election manifesto GSRP has given 5 years to bring the public debts of Goa under control through belt-tightening exercises where tax-payer's money shall not be squandered on vote-bank freebees, on foreign jaunts by ministers and MLAs, and on high-profile life-styles of the representatives of the people, and through the recovery of money due to the Govt of Goa on account of illegal mining which is a whopping more than 35,000 crores and others which are waived off on whims and fancies of the Govt.
GSRP thanks Mr. Barbosa for his thoughtful concern over growing public debts of Goa.

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Jack De Goan
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
It is the right of the voters to demand to count if not satisfy with the EVM votes. Why VVPAT is made? For this reason only. Even Supreme Court also said to use VVPAT and count if voter asked to count. It is basic fundamental right of the voter to ask and it is the duty of the EC to clear doubt about EVM votes. This is very simple and genuine request. Nothing is asking above law.
Joe Gonsalves
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
I like the new KOKNO GOA GOVERNMENT cabinet. All Marathi/Konkans and only one Goan, a donkey, as a showpiece!!! HA HA HA, Goans are nowhere in Goa, in their own motherland, only as donkeys to serve these Marathis. Ha Ha Ha Enjoy the LIBERATION
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
@Goan Voice

What you are saying is possible only if the majority of Goans think like you. Unfortunately that's not the case. And don't think they will give Goans special status, freedom on a platter. Look what the Hindutva forces did to Punjab and Kashmir. No point questioning Floriano, AR, etc. They are putting up a brave front against all odds, unlike most of us and we thank them for that.Where are Goans left to fight the good fight, other than these chosen few? For economic reasons most Goans have left Goa. Only a miracle can save Goan from further decline. St.Francis, pls help us.
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
Jack De Goan......learn to move on.......u failed miserably in Goa so much so that deposits too were forfeited in most of the seats u contested. Stop playing the blame game.....introspection from your end is the need of the hour!
Jack De Goan
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
All non-BJP parties must demand for counting paper votes to match EVM votes.
Re-election must be held with ballot paper. BJP will be the winner if EVM is used.
Goans-Voice (I G F)
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
Mr F.Lobo, What happened to your road map-now ?! .. when you, Colaco, A.R, J.M, could not simply understand what Indigenous Goan front was saying, about Fraudulent election-boycott-revolution/Goan human rights/16th/Jan/1967 victory to remain separate and not part of India or indian state......!!!!

How could any wise Goan-christian understand or support you/Mickky !!!!!!!!!!!!

The good sincere Goan Leader, must fear no one- from speaking the whole Truth.

We are waiting for that VOICE FOR TRUTH from you, mickky , A.R, R.G, JMM, Dr C and so on.
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