Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Manohar Parrikar Has Failed To Walk His Talk – by Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
Manohar Parrikar Has Failed To Walk His Talk – by Aires Rodrigues
As Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar and the BJP had severely criticized the then Congress Government for not giving a cabinet berth to its lone lady MLA Victoria Fernandes. Will Manohar Parrikar now explain as to how he has also not yet inducted the BJP’s lone lady MLA Alina Saldanha in the cabinet? 
At Matanhy Saldanha’s funeral on 24th March 2012 at the St Thomas Church in Cansaulim,  the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar profusely sobbed and had publicly vowed to carry on Matanhy’s legacy and everything he stood for.  But Manohar Parrikar miserably reneged on that pledge.  Matanhy must be rolling in his grave that his once trusted friend Manohar Parrikar and the BJP went back on all that they had promised and even vowed over his grave.

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Democratic Goan DIaspora
Sunday - Mar 26, 2017
Present Goa government is not democratically elected. It is an anti-democratic process. It is government through hegemonic top-down process. It is dictatorial process unilaterally imposed from top on people who are then through willy-nilly manner coerced to uphold it. While Parrikar holds the charges without being formally elected its status by democratic school of tradition is illegal thus making all rules passed including the budget to be null and void?

Poor Goa it is so poor that is has third class lawyers who have no clue of the definition of democracy to challenge the legality. Doomed you Goans.
Adios my beloved Goa
Thursday - Mar 23, 2017
The man displays all the traits of a sociopath: Narcissistic, manipulator and lacking a lack of conscience. You can see it in his eyes. Unfortunately there is no cure for this psychiatric illness. The Journal of Psychiatry warns of the dangers of a sociopath: Sociopaths lack a conscience, and may not feel guilt or remorse when committing reprehensible actions that society has deemed unacceptable. Sadly history is replete with sociopaths that have left their mark. I am reminded of Emperor Caligula of Italy.

He is also the true Manchurian candidate. He may fool the simple minded people of Goa, that is his working for them, when in fact he is working for his RSS agenda. It is important for those of us that can see through this façade and speak up!

Goa is like watching a slow-motion train wreck. You know what is going to happen, but you are helpless to stop it!
stephen dias
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
There is no point of keeping Alina in the cabinet. Kam zalem, ani voiz melo. Hea sogle Ministerank ek, ek Garbage plant donate korchem Governmentan.Vijaian already getlo Sonssoddo. Parrikar geupacho assa Campalacho and Taleigaocho sonssodo. Michael Lobo minister zatokock Saligao Sonssodo tajea nawar. Ani urla kuicho?

Margaoncho sonsddo to kenanch clear zaunconam . Kitle Minister eile ani gele Sardinha ani Digamber tokle. Vijai milagre korchipodteli sondeak kadpak.Tem munosor Vijai acho term kabar zatolo. Jai Hind Jai Fatorda
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
I agree with Emeliano Do Rego, what he has written.
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
I never saw her talking in our mother tongue (konkani). This stupid lady is trying to show off.
Joe Gonsalves
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
I like the new KOKNO GOA GOVERNMENT cabinet. All Marathi/Konkans and only one Goan, a donkey, as a showpiece!!! HA HA HA, Goans are nowhere in Goa, in their own motherland, only as donkeys to serve these Marathis. Ha Ha Ha Enjoy the LIBERATION
Jack De Goan
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
AAP Topi was far better than GFP Topi & Congress Topi. Both have given chance to BJP to form the government. All are one and the same except AAP.
Goan Boy
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
We dumb stupid illiterate Goan's, we blame everyone for our poor choices apart from ourselves, we are an embarrassment to ourselves we fall for it every time HOOK LINE AND SINK, all we say is next elections will teach them a lesson come 5 yrs will forget everything we are like GOLDFISH who has a memory span of two seconds.
Emeliano Do Rego
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
She is such a shameless women who stick to her awkward and weird master like a leach, she would do anything to please him. Actually, Parrikar wants to get rid of her from politics who did not want her to win this election, in Cortalim constituency everyone wonders how she managed to get winning no.s when she was not even in the picture.
Goans Hearts(Arambol)
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
In the name Jesus , in this sorrowful Lent season , we Indigenous Goans pray from dept our hearts that may these Maha-rat-evils and Govt that want to destroy Goa and Goans may break up very soon and Goa and Goans innocent children of true living God--saved.

Yes. when pray invoking and saying " IN THE NAME OF JESUS" ...this evil nation will be destroyed along with all these Maha-evils that live in Goa.
Amen . Hevan and earth will pass away but this prayer, prayed by Innocent Goan children of Gods own (Goans)wont pass away.

Our enemy-Govt/Nation and its Mahaevils and those who support these satani-evils, will disappear the name of Jesus... very soon
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
A snake in the grass. A poisonous deadly cobra of RSS.
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