Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Sammy Tavares Claims That St. Anthony Of Padua Helped Him Track The Murderer Of The Irish Girl
Saturday - Mar 18, 2017
Sammy Tavares Claims That St. Anthony Of Padua Helped Him Track The Murderer Of The Irish Girl
Panjim: A police officer who led the probe into the brutal murder of an Irish tourist in Goa on March 13 has claimed that his patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua, helped him track the killer. In a Facebook post uploaded late on Wednesday, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Canacona) Sammy Tavares said that praying to St. Anthony, a Portuguese-born Francisan Catholic priest from 1200, helped him find a clue in the sensational case, with which the police tracked down the killer within 24 hours.
“On March 13 morning at about 9 a.m., I received a shocking news about a naked dead body of a dead foreigner female at Canacona. The first thing I did was to pray Jesus and St. Anthony who is my patron. It was a Tuesday, St. Anthony’s day. I demanded with St. Anthony to intervene and help me in solving this sensational case,” Tavares said in his Facebook post.
While 26 per cent of Goa is Roman Catholic in religious orientation, Ireland is also dominated by Roman Catholics.
Tavares claims he got to the clue immediately leading to the arrest of Vikas Bhagat, a history sheeter, who has been booked under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. “Within few hours of investigations, we came across a clue, upon which we worked out and within four hours the suspect was put behind bars. On further investigations, he confessed of having involved in the gruesome murder of the innocent lady,” Tavares said, thanking Jesus Christ and St. Antony for leading him to the clue.
The slain Irish tourist Danielle McLaughlin was found naked and sprawled, with injuries to her head and face in a desolate area in Devbaug in Canacona, a sub-district located 95 km south of Panjim.
A forensic team is also expected to examine whether the victim, who was vacationing in Goa with a friend, was raped. “I also assure all, that no stone will be left upturned to give justice to the near and dear ones of the victim,” Tavares also said, even as Irish consular officials have established contact with the state home department to work out the arrangements for ferrying the victim’s remains to Ireland.

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Albert Fereira
Friday - Apr 7, 2017
These Koknees who have squatted in Goa have spoilt the good name Goa which Goans have hard earned for generations during the last 5 centuries. They have brought all sorts of vices of bribery, corruption, crime, prostitution, drugs, rapes, murders, Nigerians, casinos, name all the evil on the planet earth. They have defiled and destroyed our peaceful Goa which was pure and Holy.
Saturday - Apr 1, 2017
Goencho Patraum
Wednesday - Mar 29, 2017
May the same St.Anthony give you wisdom and specially guts to face the "orders from the top" and conduct an impartial inquiry. Does your mobile has a call recording facility? If so record the call giving you "instructions" on how to conduct the investigation, as this may come in handy later if you defy the "orders" and the Porvorim Rat-hole masters take revenge on you... Have a little shame when people say "nothing will happen to the alleged murderer..." Imagine the same - May God forbid that - could have happened to your own daughter...
Monday - Mar 27, 2017
The NGO represented by Tara Kerkar, Canacona Municipal Council (CMC) Chairperson Prathana Naik Gaunkar and Goenkar President Jack Fernandes feels that more than one person murdered this Irish tourist. I also feel that police are covering up some of the facts of this brutal murder. Most of us Goans have no confidence in our police.
Friday - Mar 24, 2017
If Goa Human Rights Commission is genuine why does it not fight for those foreigners seeking justice to their innocent murdered kin? Are only Marathis, the alien ethnic majority in Goa, they basically look after are human beings? And the foreigners are dogs?
Friday - Mar 24, 2017
It shows that Parrikar’s police is incapable to conduct the investigation independently. They need NGOs, which amounts to third party interference into independent police investigation.
Thursday - Mar 23, 2017
Our NGO Goenkar has found serious mistakes in the police investigation into the rape and murder of this Irish tourist. Parrikar Sir has promised us a proper investigation into Irish girl killing.
Thursday - Mar 23, 2017
Good for Mr. Tavares. A good story for another Tiatr!
Derrick D’Souza, Canada, ex-Karachi
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
Nothing will happen. Goa will sink into murders, prostitution and increasing drug infested menace under the successive Koknee Governments who have no clue of the outside civilized world that surrounds us. It will a dangerous place not only for Goans but also for foreigners to trample upon Goa. The very fact these Konknees, who run the Government, have horded the large Nigerian Community from Africa whose presence only affirms that it is for this purpose. These Koknees (Marathis mainly originating around the Konkan Range) are not historically part of Goa.

These Koknees are primitives by many aspects of the modern accepted civilized society standard. These are the products of the very low social society of manual workers who came into Goa in poor destitute condition to escape from the persistent drought and famine in the neighbouring British India, the sort of condition you now see in Somalia. They were of the stock which the British dubbed as ‘Junglees’ thus their present behaviour in Goa depicts. These are people not meant for Goa.

They don’t have the slightest glimpse of the world because none of their generation has ventured or has seen the outside world, unlike the Goans who for half a millennium have contributed to the length and breadth of world’s civilization and discoveries, for which Goa is best recognized for its role. These present Koknee are totally caged clowns in their own realm of domain, as you can see in the present Goa Government, a fully Kokno ministerial ‘cabinet’.

Be Koknees from Maharashtra or Nigerians from Africa, these are the true actors on the centre stage of Goa and the naïve Goans as spectators all applauding hilariously the tiatr!

The whole irresponsibility allowing this to flourish lies on the doorstep of the Goans themselves.

It is their irresponsibility negligence, inaction and lethargy or laziness that has driven Goa into decadence. The Goans will have to live and sink with orgies of Sodom and Gomorrah with added murders.
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
Does anyone trust goa police to do a proper investigation? Police chief is saying murdered Irish tourist Danielle McLaughlin was 'loitering' with her murderer. When Goa Deputy IG uses words like 'loitering' for the murder victim you know they are not serious about the murder investigation. The House Committee on politician police drug mafia nexus showed how corrupt our police are.
Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017
The mishandling of the Scarlett Keeling case by the authorities helped the murderer to commit this crime. It sent a reassuring message to all rapists.
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
She is lucky that her body was found strewn in the field. Her body could have thrown into the river for the Kokne police of Goa to declare that her death was by drowning.
Goan Fredom
Monday - Mar 20, 2017
Nothing will happen! He will walk free like a king on the street of Goa, under the Supreme Kokne Rule of Goa!
sad Goan Diaspora
Sunday - Mar 19, 2017
The Goans in the UK have an obligation to take out ads in the papers warning the local British people not to vacation in Goa as it is a very dangerous place. With the exception of this case, every tourist was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Please advise you new hosts of the countries you all live in all through Europe, to NOT to holiday in Goa. It is dangerous place. Please do your duty to the hosts that have taken you or even anything negative happens again they will blame you. It is best to tell all of Europe NOT to travel to Goa. Do your part. Soon Hindutva will require a full sari to go to the beach.
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