Saturday, July 22, 2017
Reckless Decision Of GFP To Join BJP – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim
Thursday - Mar 16, 2017
Reckless Decision Of GFP To Join BJP – by A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

By putting my head down in shame for supporting so openly and so boldly the GFP and especially its mentor Vijay Sardessai, I pen down this piece expressing my opinion on what harm Vijay has done by taking such a reckless decision of joining BJP.  To support Vijay, his other 2 elected colleagues and his GFP, his supporters created opponents and enemies for them and after doing so much Vijay and both his colleagues joined BJP. Is it right and is this Goenkarpon? Betrayal is surely not Goenkarpon. Ravindra Gaonker Kelekar called such Betrayal as "Doldirpon".

Not supporting the Congress may be right on the part of GFP but supporting BJP is definitely Not Right especially when Vijay so ruthlessly castigated BJP and its leadership for its anti and unGoan policies. Never ever I thought this very same Vijay Sardesai whom I considered till a few days back the most dignified and upright political personality would lower himself so disgracefully for the greed of power. I always took pride in him as the best and an upright legislator but with his joining BJP the last and the only political hero I had is also disappeared.

Vijay who boasted of maintaining “GOEM – GOENKAR – GOENKARPON” has himself killed its real meaning. Goem of Vijay’s vision is already interred the day he joined BJP which is a communal party. Goenkar was already decimated the moment Vijay joined anti-Goenkar BJP and Goenkarpon was buried under the rocky ground the very moment Vijay Sardesai unilaterally took a decision to embrace his worst enemy BJP’ He formed GFP with the aim to defeat BJP and see what he did now.  

Meantime, the decision of Viswajit Rane to quit Congress is very childish which he should reconsider because this is the time to shoot w solidarity to Congress and not to desert it like a coward. While blaming the seniors in Congress, he should first openly blame his own father for being silent.

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Goa Election 2022
Saturday - Mar 18, 2017
Don’t worry, just wait for another 5 years. BJP and Parrikar, as Chief Minster, will come again!!! Even if the old hag their Godmother cow puja Mridula Sinha is not there at Raj Bhavan, there will be some Godfather to wist and put them in place!!! Whether you like it not?!! All your effort will be in vain? Meanwhile enjoy the Liberation!!!
Jack De Goan
Saturday - Mar 18, 2017
AAP was supposed to give Corruption Free Governance. But as Goans are very Smart, they rejected this offer of AAP and voted Congress & BJP. Now Goans are very happy that Congress & BJP are ruling them. Viva Goa – Viva Congress & BJP. Congress-17 & BJP-13 = 30. Goans does not need honest AAP.
Attam Mar Bobatt
Saturday - Mar 18, 2017
This is the big problem with Goans. They have allowed Konkans or Marathis to delve into the politics of their motherland Goa, when these people should have been looking after their own Maharashtra. You cannot expect someone who does not belong to Goa to be honest and faithful to the interest of Goa and her Goans. This is just common sense which even a child will tell. So instead of complaining bitterly about Vijay Sardessai just send or deport him back to his land Maharashtra. He can better serve his motherland. However, you should never trust a Kokno because it is in their blood to be dishonest and unfaithful.
Friday - Mar 17, 2017
The stray dog of Fatorda will be sleeping now with bone thrown to him by BJP. Goan should stay away from such stray dogs in future.
Sad Goan Diaspora
Friday - Mar 17, 2017
First we need a Inquisition for our Goan Catholics in Goa! St. Francis Xavier is weeping in his casket! Our own Catholics are bad people! The Herald reported that the communal party had their lapdog Michael Lobo push Vijay to sign on the dotted line for the BJPee.....Hopefully they will give Vijay the kiss of death like they gave Mathany Saldaha. "With love" they will feed him his last supper, like did Mathany Saldaha. lol
Friday - Mar 17, 2017
Are we not going to welcome him, when he returns back to the fold? After all we are all Goans, very large at hearts, with a very short memory.
Damian Lobo
Friday - Mar 17, 2017
A man without standing for election becomes Chief Minister? What sort of nonsense is this? This is all balls Goan politics!!!
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