Saturday, July 22, 2017
Goa Today – by Ignatius Dias Do Rosario
Thursday - Mar 16, 2017
Now a days no one want to sit in the opposition because there is no money. Our Dynamic leader Vijay is a perfect example. These legislators are elected to do the social work and serve the people. But in stead they have changed the system and these scoundrels are only interested to loot and plunder public wealth by getting elected on false promises of serving the people.
Our Governor Mridula was biased for not calling the single largest party. But all said and done. Parrikar is a shrewd politician and became CM for the 4th time by foxing the small foxes. The greedy elected members of congress did a good job by fighting among themselves and lost the winning race.
On 14th March 2017 when Parrikar and nine others who administered the oath of office at Raj Bhavan, lot of people gathered outside chanting anti BJP slogans. One such activist was our renowned writer of Niz Goenkar Adv. Aires Rodrigues who was constantly arguing with the police force. I salute this guy and also Mr. Tibmble (President of GFP) from the bottom of my heart for being true Goans of today.

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Sad Goan Diaspora
Friday - Mar 17, 2017
The race and murder of the young Irish-British woman, that was on a world tour, and is then raped and killed in Goa is so tragic....And it is making waves around the world!!! Goa will now get the reputation as the RAPE and MURDER capital of the world. Good! I hope it kills tourism! Tourism has destroyed our homeland. For a while I was willing to allow it as it provided 'jobs' because the same 'old garbage is recycled as leaders' of Goa who don't know how to create any other 'jobs'. How can we blame them, they are all functional failed Defense Minister that has blood on his hands for his failures is so power-hungry and now wants to rule Goa with his clandestine Hindutva ideology. He may fool the damn Catholics of Goa, but he does not fool me. I am not a fool! He many have graduated by writing 11122211....but that does not mean he is intelligent to do anything else? Most western universities require that students get a holistic education in all areas of sociology, to philosophy regardless if they are graduating with an engineering degree unlike India. The CM is so intoxicated with power it makes me sick to my stomach. I read of Catholics writing to the Herald congratulating him on his return to Goa to take on the position of CM???? What the F' is wrong with our Goans??? Excuse my French,but I feel is it is appropriate! That is why I say sadly, Goa is a lost cause. I always assume that since we Goans have had to benefit to travel(thanks to the those 'damn Portuguese) and we have such a large diaspora, that the Goans would know what life should be, from learning and observing other countries around the world. Instead, I am floored to see that the Goans in Goa think that this the best their leaders can do for them???? Who are these absolutely stupid people?? The man is a failure, for God's sake! It is the same old garbage that is recycled! Is this all you want for Goa? Could it be that our people are that backwards? I don't get it!
Jack De Goan
Thursday - Mar 16, 2017
Congress should support AAP in their demand for counting paper votes to match EVM votes. This can help Congress to get one more seat or reduce 4-5 Seats of BJP.
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