Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Supreme Court Agrees To Set Up Special Bench, Parrikar Has To Wait To Be CM Of Goa
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
New Delhi: The Congress, which won 17 seats+ in the 40-member Goa assembly, on Monday night moved the Supreme Court challenging governor Mridula Sinha's decision to invite the 13-MLA BJP, led by Manohar Parrikar, to form government, claiming that it violated the "established constitutional practice" of inviting the single-largest party in a hung Assembly.
Chief Justice J S Khehar agreed to set up a special bench on Tuesday for an urgent hearing as the court is closed for a week for Holi. With the oath-taking ceremony scheduled for March 14+, Parrikar may have to wait for the SC hearing before taking over as CM.
Congress's legal brains trust, including senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, drafted the petition which was filed by the leader of Congress Legislature Party in Goa, Chandrakant Kavlekar, through advocates Devadatt Kamat and Gautam Talukdar.
Congress cites SC verdict on Bihar to contest Goa guv's decision
Congress in its petition on Monday night against the Goa governor's invitation to invite the BJP to form government pointed out that a Constitution bench of the SC had severely censured Bihar governor Buta Singh for recommending that the assembly— then in suspended animation— be dissolved without giving the Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance, which had the largest tally, an opportunity to prove its majority on the floor of the house.
Its legislature party chief Chandrakant Kavlekar also recalled that the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State relations in a federal structure had recommended that the single largest party must get the invitation to form government in order to eliminate political manoeuvring by the Centre through the governor.
"BJP, which has only 13 MLAs in the assembly, in order to get around the mandate of the people which has thrown it out of power, has, using its political clout at the Centre, sought to claim that it has the requisite majority with the purported help of certain smaller powers," he said. "As per well-established constitutional norms and conventions, the single-largest party ought to have been given an opportunity to form government and prove its majority.
However, the governor vide her decision on the night of March 12 has appointed Manohar Parrikar as the CM and has invited the BJP to form the government and scheduled oath taking ceremony is on March 14," he said. "The entire objective of this hasty late-night political manoeuvring by the powers that-be is to defeat the mandate of the people and to somehow grab power by misusing the office of the governor," Kavlekar added terming the governor's decision to appoint Parrikar as chief minister as unconstitutional. – TNN

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Monday - Mar 20, 2017
Bodvo Dukrak galta dhonn!
To lenvun pieta tem poita konn?
Apunnuch vhodd mhunnon mixeanim ansta
Punn kuznan Modichim Basnnam gansta
Kitem atam chintai re Dukra Porrikar
Dis tujer atam eupache assat marekar
Delhikuch boro aslo, tuka favo nam Goem
Goeant tunvem ghalun bounchem podtelem moyem
Osli tuji makdda atam zalea ghot
Konnuim sangtolo hem sot ou fott
Dekun tondd bond korun oguich bos
Nam tor tujea khas ganvant ghanttar vos
Sad Goan Diaspora
Thursday - Mar 16, 2017
It is unlawful for the BJP to suddenly claim power without giving the Congress a chance to start their deliberations....but this is wonderful "incredible" India...the rape capital of the world. That Hindutva Chief staged a coup d'eta and circumvented democracy. But you have functional illiterates(at best) in the Congress that are clueless. That is the tragedy of Indian occupied Goa, you have inept corrupt Congress and you have equally corrupt Hindutva party, the BJP? Absolutely no hope for Goa. When you see Catholics like Michael Lobo and Francis Desouza that fully support the Hindutva party and feed crumbs to their followers, Goa is a lost cause. Michael Lobo is become a crorepati since taking office turning all of North Goa into a concrete jungle with Gujaratis, Punjabis and Dheliwalas buying all the flats in the name of tourism. North Goa has been destroyed in the name of tourism, which Mr Lobo has become superwealthy at the cost to the others who gain nothing but pain and suffering living in North Goa. Sadly our people don't know better, the indian system promotes leaders that are 'under-educated' who have no vision for the future, or the consequences of their actions. That is why I see no hope for Goa. NONE!! One day Michael Lobo and his cohorts will be brought to their knees when the tourism crumbles because of his Hindutva fanatics moving in. I pray for that day. The people of Goa need to be taught a lesson. They have become an immoral people filled only with GREED. They have been exploiting Goa for far to long enough. Let's hope and pray for that day!
Vijai Sardesai is a traitor to his people! History has recorded that! He had no right to make that decision on his own. He should have taken the confidence of the people that voted for him as they did not want the BJPee! Shame on him. The Webster dictionary has already recorded the definition of traitor: Sardesai! I used to think that he some ethics, but I was so wrong. Look, Goa is valuable to pauper India, and so everyone has a price, and Goans in Goa today will even sell their own mothers. Sardesai should not show his face in public, he has disrespected his family name forever. The man is a disgrace to the Goan race!!!

We have a failed Defense Minister who was totally incompetent who has blood of his hands for his failures and with starving the Indian troops on the border while jet-setting to Goa every weekend. How can a man that is a failure suddenly feel he is qualified to be CM? Is this because just because he happens to belong to the majority religion? Hey, someone has to speak the truth....minorities have on voice in India. Sadly like I said we have enough of our Catholics that support a Hindutva ideology. Maybe it is time for an inquisition again for our Catholics in Goa. Fire up the stakes!
Wednesday - Mar 15, 2017
The pimp of Chaiawallah Modi is back in town.
pani puri
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
Do goans know what they want? They have allowed gahtties to rule them illegally for 56 years. Can Babush be the CM? he at the least was part of the corrupt system.
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
surgical strike on democracy.
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
That bodvo Vijai Sardesai and the dukor Parrikar will stop at nothing to grab power.
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