Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Goa Assembly In A Hung State Following Election Results, Parsekar Thrown Out
Saturday - Mar 11, 2017
Panjim: The BJP today suffered acute reverses in Goa where it won only 13 seats in the 40-member house as the poll results threw a hung assembly with the opposition Congress emerging as the single largest party with 17 seats.  The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), the Goa Forward Party and the independents won three each while the NCP bagged one seat. The majority mark is 21.
Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar, who bit the dust in Mandrem, submitted his resignation to Governor Mridula Sinha after his party finished way behind the simple majority needed to form the government.
Shortly after the results were out, Parrikar said the BJP remains in the race for forming the government. "In the situation of a fractured mandate, everyone is in the run to form the government. We are also there. If the BJP acts like a core group and brings together smaller parties, we can still give a stable government," he said.
Apart from the anti-incumbency mood, it is believed that floating of GSM by Velingkar and pulling out of the MGP from the ruling alliance contributed to the BJP's defeat. – The Economic Times.

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Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
Assembly in a Hung State??? Let all the members go and hang themselves. Only then will peace prevail.
Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017
you goan pigs why you voted congress b.j.p..bloody goan pigs now eat of desrve now..article 50 is going to declare end of this month to all portugese passport olders..America closing it door;s.idiot rascal dick head goans you missed the train of the the best option was there honest sincere lion hearted warrior's fight for goan..that is AAP party..even god fed up with corrupt rascal goan voter's..go to hell now.
Goa Congress
Monday - Mar 13, 2017
At Sonia's order the central observers came to Goa with the name of Luzinho Faleiro as CM candidate for Goa, they didn't think that there would be so much resistance to this name. Same people who were instrumental in feeding Congress high command to send Luzinho Faleiro as GPCC President to Goa were again proved wrong. Poor Sonia was brain washed with this man's
Emeliano Do Rego
Monday - Mar 13, 2017
I agree with Goan Boy, Congress leaders are greedy pigs there is no unity among them no clear mandate for leadership and the result is what we have seen now even though they got majority of seats. Look at BJP they stick to one man and no one to challenge him and that's called unity, snake is the grass proved it all. Now congress eat shit.
Goan Boy
Monday - Mar 13, 2017
Once again I have been prove right you don't need a crystal ball to see my hairy balls are good enough.

Congress even if they had a clear majority they would have struggled to form GOVT. I say this with confidence because as greedy and as corrupt they are the lot of them would have been fighting over plum portfolios, and that is the fact sad to see Goan's voted the same thieves all over again we are digging our own graves, Goa and Goan's are know to be the most literate state in India but to what effect we should be know as the most dumb and foolish people in India.

So we are stuck with BJP for another 5 years if Vijay the snake do not pull the rag from under Parrikar's feet, what a mess forget Goan's saving GOA even God cannot save Goa from these utter corrupt and greedy politicians,
Why are people surprised to find out that GFP have decided to support BJP what you think he was going to do he was never going to support Congress and why should he they never supported him, he was always going to support BJP, we Goan's are as thick as two planks nothing between our ears, for crying out loud only gone and elected Churchill Alemao he is the biggest turn cot in the history of Goa politics he will throw his weight behind anyone were it will be profitable to him and him only and his family so he can save his thick skin from going to prison again, DUMB STUPID GOAN's
the X-Gen
Sunday - Mar 12, 2017
Any news Did u get, as i heard that BJP is forming the government ..if yes then goa and goans will be finished in next five,......... parikkar is so desperate to come back to power...he is doing as if he owns Goa and cannot hand it over to anybody else
Sunday - Mar 12, 2017
the dwarf can ride on a BULLOCK CART of his childhood dream and pride, to mapuca market to buy his vegetables, till he pases away,to JAHANNAM.
Ignatius / Agassaim
Sunday - Mar 12, 2017
You can never say coz the elected mlas are rogues and may join BJP.
Ignatius / Agassaim
Sunday - Mar 12, 2017
Whatever the results are, it is RIP for GSRP.
suhas naik
Sunday - Mar 12, 2017
Finally end of "DICTATORIATE" govt.Well done n congratulation congress.This is d victory of small n middle class people.
Saturday - Mar 11, 2017
The dwarf can join the circus now to entertain Goans.
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