Wednesday, August 23, 2017
May Goa’s Next AG Be An Upright And Truthful One – by Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Mar 10, 2017
May Goa’s Next AG Be An Upright And Truthful One – by Aires Rodrigues
As Goa this week gears to usher in a new government, may the next Advocate General be a beacon of hope for our State. Over the last five years the BJP government in Goa has been enveloped in confusion, contradictions and controversies with rampant Corruption and nepotism for all to see. Less said the better on those two BJP Advocate Generals Atmaram Nadkarni and Saresh Lotlikar who have ravaged and merrily taken Goa for a ride.
As the First Law officer of the State, the Advocate General is expected to be extremely honest, sincere and competent in giving invaluable fair legal guidance to the State Government in formulation of its policy and execution of its decisions. The Advocate General should never be someone who has a lust or greed for wealth or having vested interest with any lobby but has always to ensure the State’s best interests at heart.
The Advocate General as the Leader of the Bar should act as role model to the legal fraternity by upholding impeccable integrity and the highest ethical standards while never ever misleading, misguiding or manipulating the Court.

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Goencho Patraum
Sunday - Mar 26, 2017
Can we hope to see this ever happen in this place called Incredible India? If anyone thinks this can and will happen, then I must say: "you're living in a Fools' Paradise. Wake up to the reality."
Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017
Yessssss!!!! May he be an Upright and Truthful One. Just like Aires! No difference.
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