Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Learned Bishop Filipe – by Fr. Saluzinho Vaz
Sunday - Jun 5, 2016
Learned Bishop Filipe – by Fr. Saluzinho Vaz
If the Bishop had any sense of prudence, the Bishop would never have made the following statement to me. 'Your dad made it difficult for Fr. Jaan.'
Now after two of my companions ditched me before getting out from Majorda and took sides with the Bishop, taking up the Bishop's task of crucifying me, for being insane, by remaining alongside the bishop, my dad cornered this priest who is my companion and caught up with him in front of Varca Church, on Fr. F. J. da Costa funeral day, after the service was over and grilled him for over an hour, asking him whether the Bishop had consulted a psychiatrist to label me mad, or whether the bishop himself is a psychiatrist.
He also asked him whether he as my companion was expecting him as the dad of his son priest to put his son for a chain and take him to the psychiatrist and whether if it was not his duty as the companion and moreover a friend of his son to first personally speak to his son priest after the Bishop gave them the charge and ascertain for himself about the bishops charge instead of taking the matter ahead..
To or for this simple questioning my dad did of my companion, the bishop says to me that my dad made it difficult for my companion priest.
My question is, if my companion/priest after learning philosophy and theology is not able to counter questions posed by my dad, then obviously my priest/companion is caught for wrong or on the wrong foot, for which God does not help such a person in spite of studying philosophy and theology and having it as a backing and also just because of the fact that if such a person is a priest, if one thinks God will help such a person who is a priest, then this thinking is wrong, for God will not help in such instances, for God's help is for a person who is for or on the side of right, irrespective of whoever he or she is.

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Monday - Jun 19, 2017
The one who speaks negatively about His own brother, an "anointed one" this openly doesn't need to be introduced about His character and His relationship with God.
Tuesday - Jun 14, 2016
Senhor Estevam, you said it correct although it is inadvertently "Priests prior to 60 were clean and corrupt" We must all know that they too are human beings. We should not criticize them.
Kader khan, Vasco
Monday - Jun 13, 2016
one's religion is like a 'bank account' too personnel and too confidential, a person who discuss his religion in public is a fool of the first order. today we see so much violence due to religion...... why? because it is not kept personal.

let me see here, how many people here will openly write how much money they have in their bank account? only a fool will.

only when we keep religion at home and personal like a 'bank account' there will be peace in this world.
stephen dias
Friday - Jun 10, 2016
Now what I see is that the democracy has reached in the blood of priests. Earlier times we used to kiss their hand once you see a priest coming towards you.I still remember that earlier priests prior to 60's were clean and corrupt and very religious. They used to have a COROA on their head to show others that they are priests. Always with the priest vestiment but now vestiment , coraoa and even cross is gone, they have become like any other person. They go for dances, have ladies to cook them, no prayers prior of saying mass, allowing girls to give communion, counting bolsa ( money coming on Sundays) are mostly counted by ladies as men are not trusty, and finally where this money goes nobody knows , they say it goes to Bishop and later to Rome. I say mostly goes to somebody's pocket fist the one who counts, second to priest and last is in the Bishop house. Nowadays we see priest fighting among themselves and in this article a priest fighting with Bishop. Can you imagine whether you have seen children fighting with their parents olden times? Now everything is changed and very soon lots of changes will take place. A priest after he said the Mass, he is first to reach out of the church to meet people especially females, after removing his vestiment. The only people starts coming out of the church. Some body must tell the Poe to put back old style of saying Mass. We have almost 99.5 % who receives communion that means we are all saints better than Mother Therese or Saint Joseph. Pope Francis has done many things good, some say he is good and some say he is bad whom to believe.

In this way we are giving chances to RSS, BJP and VHP to get together and ruin our religion. Wait a little while our churches will be converted into schools or dance hall, or recreation club, if BJP comes back in power. Vanxim island is sold for ever. Souto Mayor properties also gone to dogs. All church properties are sold at throw away prices to builders by the Bishop. Pope Francis must remove these Bishops and priests who are tainted. No doubt we still have good priests. Very soon we will not have any priests. Then who will say Mass hereafter.
Wednesday - Jun 8, 2016
@Fr. Saluzinho Vaz you are a good and strong believer and our Lord will bless and protect you, and as devout Christians the bible tells us 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'

whether it is Churchill who has lost every election because of his corruption, or Noble prize winner RK Parchauri who sexually harassed his employees and will be arrested soon, everyone gets divine justice, Amen.
Tuesday - Jun 7, 2016
your learned and destitute bishop has sold the land of SANTA MONICA, the prestige of the church in GOA, for a trifle, he could offered it to the faithful to buy in pieces..but NO, SIN is his love...his hardened heart has no qualms of conscience to sell you as a MAD-MAN.
Tuesday - Jun 7, 2016
when Sherpa tensing conquered Mount Everest for the first in history, it was considered as a feat, when Neil Armstrong landed on moon it was considered as a feat by mankind, when you Fr.VAZ raise the bread of life and lift the cup salvation on daily basis at mass, this feat of your profession, and our salvation considered as feat of a MAD man, in your person by the learned? considered as a Mad the learned people have value for the mystery of Christ their master?Therefore plunge into the heat of battle and keep your heart at peace, at the feet of your loving shepherd. Truth shall set you free.
Monday - Jun 6, 2016
the fact is,every morning without fail....(1)your boss the PINK PANTHER,(2).your companion/priests the white sepulchres, (3)you,the victim offer the same sacrifice of the mass, the same rituals, the same dogma, the same belief,....Learning/does not count here,as all offer the same sacrifice....the learned does not offer any brighter or better sacrifice of the mass.To label you as ... MAD/ is a coercion tactic.It is said, love thy neighbour as thyself....Is it not SAID label thy neighbour as MAD?Isnt it easy to preach and hard to practice...even the pink panther fails miserably, in practicing his own belief.The habit(pink)/(white)that makes the monk.
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