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Saturday - Jul 3, 2021
Given how the pandemic has taken hold in our State for a number of reasons, it is inevitable that many of our friends and relatives are becoming infected with COVID. While seeking through social media to request people to pray for their recovery, it may be proper not to name individuals who are suffering with COVID especially without their consent. Some of those patients may also not like to see their names being circulated.

Wouldn’t it be prudent to keep them in our prayers while we fervently pray for all those directly or indirectly struggling through this crisis and for our State to be rid of this virus? Let our thoughts and good wishes be with them all. Let our fervent prayer be that the Almighty give all our people
History & Heritage Of Our Ribandar Hospital Must Be Preserved - AIRES RODRIGUES
Friday - Jul 2, 2021
The betrayal by the government on the promised Healthcare facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital will be an issue at the ensuing Assembly elections. It directly affects at least the three constituencies of Panjim, Santa Cruz and Cumbarjua. The CCP and the Panchayats of the other two constituencies have all passed unanimous resolutions demanding that full-fledged Health facilities be restored at the Old Ribandar Hospital.

On 8th October last year local MLA Babush Monserrate solemnly promised us that the Health Center would start as a 30 bedded with a 24X7 Casualty cum Trauma unit equipped with all