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Panjimites And Ribandarites Vote For Honesty – by Tennyson Xavier Fernandes

Panjimites And Ribandarites Vote For Honesty – by Tennyson Xavier Fernandes

A few days ago, Gangadhar working as a security guard at RBL Bank Anna Nagar branch in Chennai, Tamil Nadu demonstrated that he is a practitioner of honesty by returning a Rs.500 currency note to the customer who had dropped it outside the ATM. India is a land of beautiful minds and hearts. I am sure that there will many more honest sons and daughters of Mother India like Gangadhar for whom character is the crown of life and honesty is the crown of character itself.

Recently, while speaking on the floor of the legislative assembly, the Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar stated that when he was talking to a college student some years ago, he made a statement that he does not believe in honesty as the best policy. When the student was surprised by his statement, Manohar Parrikar stated that he explained to the student that since a policy can change

Goa - Current Affairs

Govt Accused Of Attempting To Shield Mauvin Godinho In Power Scam Case

Panjim: Adv Aires Rodrigues has today strongly objected to the Goa Government appointing Atmaram Nadkarni to represent the State in the Supreme Court in the infamous power scam case against former Power Minister Mauvin Godinho who is now Panchayat Minister in the Manohar Parrikar led government

U-Turn Master, Parrikar Appeals People For A Plastic Free State

Panjim: Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday appealed to the people to join hands with the government to make the state free of plastic by 2020. Parrikar said a collective approach to support the government's initiatives is required to make the coastal state completely free of plastic, by the set deadline of 2020

Palienkar Demands Ban On Outdoor Music Events & Rave Parties

Panjim: Goa Water Resources Minister Vinod Palienkar has demanded a ban on outdoor music events, including rave parties, after two youngsters died at two separate raves in the popular beach village of Anjuna in North Goa possibly due to drug overdose on Sunday

HC Severely Raps AAI For Allowing Amit Shah To Breach The Law At Goa Airport

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice G.S Patel and Justice Nutan Sardessai today while hearing a petition filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues came down very heavily on the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for having allowed BJP National President Amit Shah’s illegal and unlawful public meeting at Goa’s Dabolim Airport on 1st July

HC To Hear Petitions On Amit Shah’s Airport Public Meeting And Brics Summit Food Scam

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice G.S Patel and Justice Nutan Sardessai will on Wednesday 16th August hear the petition filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues seeking a thorough probe into BJP National President Amit Shah’s illegal and unlawful public meeting held on 1st July at Goa’s Dabolim Airport

HC To Decide On Fate Of Dilip Parulekar’plea In Land Grab And Cheating Case

Panjim: Justice C.V. Bhadang of the Bombay High Court at Goa will on Monday 14th August decide the fate of the petition filed by former Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar against the summons isuued to him by the North Goa Principal District & Sessions Judge in the Serula Comunidade cheating and land grab case filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues

Two Notorious Supari Killers Arrested In Goa By Crime Branch

Panjim: In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in Goa, the crime branch of Goa Police arrested two sharp shooters from Anjuna along with the huge amount of arms and ammunition from their possession. The shooters had come down to Goa from UP to kill one of the prominent businessman and hoteliers from Calangute, said the sources

Aires Urges Voters To Elect Girish And (Drugs Peddlar) Roy

Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today appealed to the people of Goa to support Girish Chodankar in Panjim and Roy Naik in Valpoi so that they are elected at the crucial Goa Assembly by-elections scheduled on August 23. Adv. Rodrigues has called upon the people to punish Manohar Parrikar and Vishwajit Rane for having very dishonestly usurped power through the backdoor

Archaeological Discovery: Home Of 3 Of Jesus’ Disciples Possibly Found

Israel: A team of archaeologists may have located the home of three of Jesus’ disciples, found in a lost Roman imperial city off of the Sea of Galilee. Researchers from Kinneret College believe they have found the Roman city of Julias, which was built as part of the town of Bethsaida, which is identified in John 1:44 as the hometown of Philip, Andrew, and Peter. “A multi-layered site

List Of Cases Exposed By Kashinath Shetye

Panjim: Activist Kashinath Shetye has exposed very important cases of corruption and illegal activities in the state of Goa. Below is the list of the cases exposed by him and is fighting against the hoarders of illegalities residing in the Porvorim Assembly

CM Manohar Parricar Orders Probe Against He Once Used Activist Kashinath Shetye

Panjim: Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar ordered on Friday an inquiry against a 49-year-old government junior engineer, who is a self-styled anti-corruption campaigner and has exposed dishonest deals linked to politicians. The vigilance probe was ordered against whistleblower Kashinath Shetye after BJP legislator Nilesh Cabral accused him of stealing documents from the state

Congress Pits Roy Naik Involved In Drugs Business Against Parrikar – Just A Ploy?

Panjim: Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday filed his nomination for the August 23 by-election from the Panjim Assembly seat, for which the Congress has chosen Rahul Gandhi confidante Girish Chodankar. In the bypoll for Valpoi seat, the Congress today announced the candidature of Roy Naik, the son of former state home minister Ravi Naik

Parrikar Files Nomination For Panjim Seat

Panjim: Five time MLA from Panjim, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, on Wednesday filed his nomination for the upcoming legislative assembly by-election from the state capital. Parrikar, a former Defence Minister in the National Democratic Alliance government, who was rushed to state politics in March, filed his nomination form after paying his respects at

Dowry & Assault Case Against Goa BJP Vice-President Anil Hoble: Order On 19 August

Panjim: Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Vijayalaxmi Shivolkar today reserved for August 19th her order on the preliminary objection raised by Adv. Aires Rodrigues that there was no affidavit to the reply by Police Sub-Inspector Sandhya Gupta to the petition filed by Suchitra Shirodkar seeking Court monitored investigation into the criminal case registered against her

Court To Hear Arguments In Dowry & Assault Case Against Goa BJP Vice-President Anil Hoble

Panjim: Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Vijayalaxmi Shivolkar will on August 3rd at 10 am hear arguments on the petition filed by Suchitra Shirodkar, the mother of Anil Hoble’s daughter-in-law seeking a Court monitored investigation into the criminal case registered against Goa BJP Vice President and Chairman of OBC Corporation Anil Hoble, his wife Sandhya and son Milind

2016 Brics Food Scam: HC Adjourns To 16 August Govt Challenge To GHRC Orders

Panjim: A Division bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice F.M.Reis and Justice Nutan Sardessai today without granting the Goa government any interim relief adjourned to August 16th the petition filed by the Government challenging the orders passed by the Goa Human Rights Commission (GHRC) last year on the complaint filed by Adv. Aires Rodrigues



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Kupantlo Chondrim

Rat vortouta motianchi
Ontroll petlam nekhetranim
Kallzam asat amchim dukhi
Zatat dekhun doxim

Sadhvi Saraswati.- Bor: Pascoal de Chicalim.

Sadhvi Saraswati..sadhvi Saraswati...
Goeam bhik magonk ailea gheun  fottingponnachi poti..
Goenkarank launk sodhtai ponvoti...
Goeam cholcheona tujeo jiveo fotti.

24 Jun Bebdeank Bhettoilolo Dis? - Bor: Lino Dourado

Ticho nosto toxea tosoch mezaruch aslo. Sokallcho ‘almoҫo’ pottant domxilea xivai ti konnakuch lokx divpi nhoi asli. Bhukecho upas korun itlea zoran konna thaim koslia gozalimni ‘ocupado’ asa tem zannam zaunk, tichexim gelea viret kollchem naslem. Sokallinch fonar boddboddunk laglia. Ticho ghorkar Lapitt purnnponni gondollant buddlo. Koslea-i tori kama khatir taka

Narendra Modi Narendra Modi – Bor: Pascoal de Chicalim

Hozar ani painxim Rupianchi keli Xit Koddi,
Konnank kolloinastana marli boddi,
Pisddun udoili poixeanchi zoddi.

15 Agost Amchi Dhormachi Vhoddvik - Bor: Menino de Valpoi

Agostachi kouthik 15 tarik
Amkam ho dis bhou iadostik
Aichea disa sorg ugtto zalo
Saibinn Maink Sorguincho Darvontto ugtto kelo

Boroinar Ani Director – Bor: Fr. Saluzinho Vaz

Amchea kaim Taitrant boroinar ani director astat je acting korinant, fokot poilo Tiatr boroilea uprant magir pordhea fattlean ravon Tiatr direct kortat, zor zaite boroinar ani director actingui kortat zalear. Atam Jezuk khursar marlo tednam, Judevamche vhoddill zannim Jezuk khursar marunk ek bhaxen Tiatr boroilo mhonghe plann kelo ani magir tho plann 'execute' kelo

Ailelem Marekar Tufan Nopoit Korunk Amchich Amkam Goroz asa – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Marekar tufan ailam amcher Goenkarancher ani tem nopoit korunk amkam amchich goroz assa. Amkam goroz nam hea fotting ani fottkire somajik vavurpeanchi. Te aplim bolsam borunk amkam Goenkarank fottoitat ani he zaun assa dhongui somajik vavurpi. Padri Bismarque-achea nanvan te choriamb poixe gheunk bhonvtat ani lobadd budhini poixe ekttaim korunk vavurtat

Madda Mhojea Bhogos Mhaka! - Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Purai Goenchea sorvbhontinnim,madd madd madd,
Madd Goenkaranchea mogacho ani sonskrutayechem zhadd,
Madd nhoi zhadd,hem pixeaponn uloitollea guineanam vad,
Madd-ak tumi okman kella, thodo tumcho vell urla, madd tumkam udoitta add.

Father Bismarque Tuzo Ugddas Kortam – Bor: Menino Fernandes

Atanchea choranchea and dhormvaddeanchea rajeant
Tum vavurloi and zuzloi samballunk amkam Goeant
Tuka marun uddoilo eun eka nisteachea vhoddeant
Markorank addunk te ghele xezarchea nongrant

Khattli-Pottli Ghevun Rostear Bonva – Bor: Diogo Lazar Pereira, Oman

Kitem ami korpachem?
Fokot bolkavant bosun kop marpachem
Bountonim kitem goddta, konank nam poddpachem
Hem zaun ghelam Jivit Goenkaranchem

Kitem Ami Korpachem – Boroupi Menino Fernandes, Editor Niz Goenkar

Goem amchem zaddam maddanchem
Sogle dongor foddun chinank lokonn kelem
Tea bhair panam khavun thukun kelam burxem
Roddonakat hem amkanch lagon zalam oxem

Kandea Pai Kandea Pai – Bor: Pascoal De Chicalim

Kandea pai Kandea pai kiteak rodoitai,
Disandis marog zatai, dollean dukham hadtai,
Kandea pai, tuje vinn jevonn koxim randtelim gai,
Aiz kal tujich soglle kortat apurbai

Romi Konknnicho Vell Pikla… Punn Fuddari Azunui Tornnech Asat! – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

Oi! Romi Konknnicho vell pikla! Sarkoch pikla! Kednam? Atam! Az! Hea disamni! Fattlea tin-chear satolleamni! Goeant mullavem xikxonn Konknni (Devnagori lipientlean) vo Moratthi bhaxentlean zata taka Goencho sorkar onudan dita. Goeant, Igorjechea ‘Archdiocesan Board of Education’-a khal jea iskolamni mullavem xikxonn Inglez madyomantlean zata, taka-i sorkar onudan dita. Inglez

Adeus Mahaan Goemkarak! – Bor: Joel Morais, Kunkolle

Hi Kovita Anven Bhettoilea Tiracolchea Kalljidar Putak, Sorgest Domnic Pereirak
The poem is dedicated to the soul of daring Tiracolkar,late Domnic Pereira.
Zuzari tum goemkar,
Zuzlo zuza mollar,

Romi Konknnicher Kiteak ‘Maldisanv’ Poddlam? – Bor: Jose Salvador Fernandes

1987 vorsa Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi saddi nhesoun pas kortoch, Romi Konknnicher onit zali mhonn Romi lipientlean Konknni kodde jiva-bhavacho som’bond aslole choddfoddle ani dukovle. Tea uprant, ‘Romi Konknnicher onit zalia’ ho vixoi gheun rajkornniamni aplem sadoilem, thodde azunui sadoitat ani kaloitat. Goencho Rajbhas Kaido Devnagori lipiechi polli

Broadway Book Publishing House-Acho Tisro Romi Konknni Kors Somplo

PONNJE: Broadway Book Publishing House-an Goeant Romi Konkani xikounk fuddarponn gheun, tisrie pavtt ghoddoun haddlolo Romi Konkani xikpacho Kors, 19 Janer ti 18 Febrer, 2015 tarik porian zalo. Hea korsant dog xikpiamni bhag ghetlo. Orth somzun Romi Konkani vachop, Romi Konkanichi mullavi utravoll, viakoronn ani bhas ulovp ho Korsacho hetu aslo

Goencho Pai – Bor: Manuel Fernandes, Ponnsulem Kannkonn

Ali babachea challis chorano,
Korat Goenchea pai-k noman,
Tannem Goem sambaul'llem mhunn,
Tumi aiz zale mahan.......

Fondeam Dog Chorank Pulisani Dhorleat LCD TV-che Chorient

FONDEAM: Halinchea disani Goeam, Goeam bhaile eun boreoch chorio and ghoddbangalam adarunk lagleat. Kal Fondenchea pulisani Haryana ganvchea dogam zannank ottok keleat, ekleachem naum Vikas Singh, 22 vorsanchi pirai and dusro Gadiappa Hosmani 21 vorsanche piraiecho. He dogui bodmas xatir chorani ek LCD TV chorun veleli Om Logistics he karkanneantli



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