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Monday - Oct 20, 2014
MARGAO: In an attempt to counter the perception that their anti-Mopa stance was leading to a North Goa-South Goa divide, the Goans for Dabolim Only (GFDO) on Sunday came out with an unusual finding - that the Dabolim airport was closer to North Goa than the southern district.
"The government is fooling people on the facts of Mopa. If we calculate the distance between the Dabolim airport and the northern tip of Goa at Tiracol, it is only 40 km (aerial distance as the crow flies). And if we check the distance from Dabolim to the southern tip of Goa i.e. Canacona it is 58km. This proves that Dabolim is closer to North Goa than South Goa," a press note released by GFDO said.
"We are not dividing Goa like the government does. There is no North and South, whole Goa is one. If the present existing airport was in Mopa and a new airport was proposed in Dabolim, then we would have opposed the proposed new airport as only one airport is feasible. GFDO has always asserted that there cannot be two airports in a small state like Goa," the press note added.
In an attempt to counter the perception that their anti-Mopa stance was leading to a North Goa-South Goa divide, Goans for Dabolim Only (GFDO), on Sunday, stated that the Dabolim airport was closer to North Goa than the southern district.

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Tuesday - Aug 11, 2015
To Fr E.Rebello & Archbishop of GOA,
Fr E.Rebello, must engage Archbishop and all Goan priests to Unite and call for Candle-light procession from all Villages-Goan churches to call for dissolving of BJP-CONGRESS-INDIAN GOVT rule over Goans-Goa, since there is no law and order, selected justice based on Religion as all Mahaevils CMs-Mining Looter, Drug Mafia CM (Ravi )-and others Mahaevils are still free birds and not arrested as MICKKY and CHURCHILL . .
Why only Christians get arrested . Why Mahaevils are stil not arrested who plundered Goa-Goans wealth since 1961, If Indian Govt is not part of this fraud on Goa and Niz-Goans ?!!
Why should Niz-Goans keep silent to this One-sided Democracy or Dictatorship of Indian Govt-Congree-Bjp-MGP parties .

Can some NIZ-Goan pass this concern of all Niz-Goans to Fr E.Rebello and Archbishop of Goa .

Cause they say: It is not the axis of Maha-evils that is destroying GOA and NIZ-GOANS identity, Culture, Language, ect but the inactivity of the Good Shephers and their silent , not to act against these satanic Mahaevils who live in Goa and behave as Maharastrians.
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
Scums like POORIKAR and DIGANDU KAMAT should be KICKED to maharasthra along with their chamchas. Goans should come on the street ro save dabolim at any cost. If Mopa comes then Dabolim will be history by that time our corrupt politicians would turn into ASHES.
Goencho Badshah
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
Mogal1 Ixtando,
Goa needs to develop in a good way, so it is shining Pearl, it should be next compared to Paris, London, New York. Goa should be like World tourist destination and one of the best and clean tourist place. For this reason I support bigger airport(Mopa) at the same time-Dambolim in operation too.
Vicente E. Do Rego
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
Evil design planned by non other than our own idiot rascal from Curtorim Francis Sardhin who was brain child for this ill-fated project and now marathi lovers are taking advantage of everything. Goans! believe me this is pure back door entry of north Goa into Maharashtra once the airport is built half of Goa will be swallowed by big brother just like how they are claiming Belgaum that belong to Karnataka. Our own people are real donkey's with brain in their knee. At this stage we must take help of anyone irrespective of party affiliation to derail this evil project. BJP must go!!!
Joe Lobo, Nairobi
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
India has no mandate to rule Goa, remember!!! No authority, from either World Body overseeing world order nor Goans have given India the mandate to rule Goa. The ensuing fiasco that resulted with Russians casting their veto did not stretch far enough to permit or license India to rule Goa either. India has taken an unilateral action to illegally administer Goa and therefore the Government of Goa under International Law is bogus.

Even the Soares/ Chavan bilateral treaty has no native Goan representation and therefore makes it non-applicable to Goa.

Yet above, India in defiance tries to dictate the Goans. This is a big JOKE and above all a HOAX !!

Just because some Goans are stupid enough to recognize their authority, it does means all others are just as stupid to follow.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
Lets get ride of these corrupt CUSTARDS and build a GOAN PARTY that serves the people of Goa.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014

Today these terrorist nation says that we shall have 2 Airports simultaneously. Should we believe them? We believed in the sweat talks of 1956 in then Real Bombay.(Now amchi Ghattie Mumbai)

What will happen when the MOPA Airport is operational? Will there be a second Airport? or will there be a colony of Terrorist at Dabolim. People of Vasco will have to evacuate as it will be a military zone, high security zone where GOAns will be a threat for the Indians. GOANS will be eliminated as terrorist by real blooded terrorist.

Can we save GOA? how can we save GOA? We want the world to help us, are we going to get the help without asking at the UNO?
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
Still this date nobody understands why these terrorist want to build MOPA.

MOPA is not a Lands Scam or a money making scam.

MOPA is only to get us out of VASCO / DABOLIM. Once MOPA Airport is in force, the navy will block all traffic and divert all traffic to MOPA:

Till this date 30% of the time is being utilised by the NAVY for its exercises. Tomorrow when MOPA is in service, the navy will say it needs the Airport for 100%. What can we GOANS then do?

Anyway we've traitors like Faleiros, Aleamos, Monseratos and so on who will sell GOA and it's land to the GHATTIES:

We should say no to MOpa and no to india. We should demand a plebiscite which is much more easier then to stop the terrorist in building the second airport with indian agents like parrikar, Alina and co-

Only Independence can save GOA. Indian Agents like rti specialist won't understand the cause of GOA:
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
I dont know why our politicians dividing our Goa as North Goa and South Goa just like South Korea and North Korea. This is not a good idea to have two airport theory. As I'm a world traveller and twice I had a very bad experience for my connecting flights. First was when I was flying from Miami to London Gatwick and connecting flight to Mumbai was from London Heathrow. Second was Tampa to New York and connecting from Newark to Mumbai. I have to spend so much for interairport shuttle and nearly missed my flights. Believe me it is nightmare to travel from one airport to another and If Mopa comes by sure navy will close down Dabolim airport.
John D'mello
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
LIBERATION has ruled Goa though DIVIDE and RULE system.

First they drove a wedge between the Hindus and the dominant Christians marginalizing the Christians and throwing them out into Diaspora to survive.
Now they are driving a wedge between the remaining Hindus of Goa and Outsiders for outsidersto to be dominant to rule over Goa.

These poor Hindus of Goa have nowhere to escape therefore will be soon crushed and brought to poverty line to serve like slaves the Outsiders.
They will be made slaves to serve Ghantis like Sikhs, Punjabis, Gujaratis, the Ghanti Governor of Goa, foreigners like Russians etc.

The unlawful Government of Goa is an organ placed over Goa by India to serve its own interest and not Goans’ under DIVIDE and RULE. This is something the Goans must always remember as in this case.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
This CM needs to be removed from office before Goa is further destroyed. Parikar was given the mandate of the people to repair the destruction caused by congress. KICK HIM OUT. DOWN WITH PARIKAR.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
If we want to stop Mopa, we have to get real voter support to stop the politicians. BJP and Congress are two sides of the same coin. Can't decide which is worse. Congress started Mopa, BJP is supporting Mopa. Congress created the mining mafia which cheated us of 50,000 Crore (according to Claude Alvares) and the BJP has yet to jail anyone from the mining scam. Few people in the last Government got together to cover up the rape of the German girl, now the Vasco rape and other crimes were covered up, Congress was the first government where we had a strong politician police drug mafia nexus ..... It is time for us to vote for our own GSRP. And kick out both Congress and BJP.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
I am hoping that someone in the know can appeal to Alina to have Mathany's body exhumed. I am hoping the entre South Goa can appeal to Alina to have Mathnay's remains be re-evaluated for chemical analysis. They are too many coincidences to Mathany's death. We know for a fact that Mathany wanted the Navy out and that Dabolim be the ONLY airport for Goa. On the day of demise of Mathany, he was surrounded by strangers, he was not in the safety of his home. He was also obligated to eat and drink whatever he was given to him at the festival.
I quick search on the Internet provided instant results on how to educe a 'hear attack' that kills instantly.

Here is one quote:

"The easiest manner in which to kill someone and leave no trace of the obvious crime having been committed, would be to cause a heart attack by using chemical substances that break down as naturally occurring compounds that would be normally found in anyone's body. The process is relatively simple to anyone with knowledge of medicine and procedures involving those medicines."

The article then goes on to describe various ways including two that are easily dispensable. (Does of the chemicals will not be provided here!)

The following two chemical compounds can be used to create a heart attack in anyone, while leaving no trace of a crime:

1. Potassium Chloride: Potassium Chloride is known to be among the ingredients in many prescription drugs, such as: Klor-Con, Klor-Con 8, Klor-Con 10, and Klor-Con/25, among others. Potassium Chloride breaks down into both its' individual components, potassium and chlorine. Both are found in the human body and the presence of either or both of these will not raise suspicion by either the attending physician or the coroner, who will carry out the autopsy. This compound breaks down into both potassium and chlorine, in which the chlorine (Cl) binds with the human body's naturally occurring sodium (Na) to create NaCl -- sodium chloride -- common table salt. The resultant heart attack is found to have no known cause -- as all that is found in the body is a slightly elevated level of NaCl. Too much potassium in the body causes tachycardia (fast heart-rate), which then leads to something known as ventricular fibrillation, which is one of many types of cardiac arrest.

2. Calcium Gluconate: Calcium Gluconate is available in a 10% hypertonic I.V. (intravenous) solution, which simply means that the concentration is higher than what normally appears in the human body. The process by which this works is known as osmosis -- the hypertonic solution removes the water and glucose from the body's cells -- replacing it with Calcium Gluconate. The calcium and the glucose are deposited in the body to be used as energy/fuel. The glucose is used for fuel, while the calcium remains in the body. The Calcium Gluconate removes chlorine and replaces it with calcium, thus creating an electrolytic imbalance. The three compounds that become imbalanced are sodium (Na), potassium (K), and chlorine (Cl). This interferes with the normal LUB-DUB heartbeat impulse, which can then be regulated either too fast or too slow, creating a heart attack.

Of course there are numerous other ways to induce a fatal heart attack that are well known, as they were employed by American CIA and foreign governments to remove someone, going all the way back to the 1950s.

I hope our people are not too stupid and naïve and not put 2 and 2 together.

PURE EVIL exists in Goa like no way else!!!!

It is a very sad thing to say, but the TRUTH is always going to be the TRUTH and we must always be willing to speak the TRUTH. Pope Francis just said yesterday, to not be afraid to speak the TRUTH. So many of our people are distracted with their new wealth and their 30 pieces of silver, that they fail to see what is being planned for them. This website has been crying to the people of South Goa, but we, TRUE Goans have been labeled as 'foreigners'. I know that writing here takes much of my valuable time and I have other things to do with my time. Our only motivation is our PURE LOVE for OUR Goa and our people. We have nothing to gain by speaking out, instead we put ourselves in jeopardy. I know poor Sir Menino faces threats on a regular bases.

This MOPA is nothing but the Opinion poll all over again. What I find so tragic is the Catholic MLAs that are traitors to their people and are supporters of MOPA. We all know who they are, do the Goans of South Goa know who they are? It makes me so angry that we have so many traitors in our midst and for the people of South Goa, this is perfectly acceptable to them. It hurts my soul, as here I am spending my time writing again and again to avoid these traitors, but the people of South Goa elect them again and again. I would hope that the people of South Goa are not a stupid ignorant bunch that are retarded fools. I hope they have the intelligence to see what is being done to them by these traitors.

Like I said, this is the Opinion Poll all over again. They didn't succeed the first time, so they are going to try another sneaky way to do it. Sadly, we Catholics must admit our current MLAs are not very educated and easily bribed with foreign trips and 30 pieces of silver that have allowed this thing to fester. Mathany would never would have been bought and so he conveniently drops dead.

This whole glorified shed MOPA should never have come up at all. Everything should have been done to make Dabolim a great airport to be proud of. It belongs to the Goan people and is not a war booty....or is it?
(For the record, Wikipedia now recently made a change under the history of Goa; they have noted that what happened in 1961 is debatable as to if it is 'liberated' or 'invaded'. Technically it is an 'invasion' at it was forces OUTSIDE Goa that invaded Goa to drive the Portuguese out. Had the Goans done it themselves it would have been 'liberated'.) We need to call it is, an 'invasion', only the traitors among us call it 'liberated'. And I understand no newspaper in Goa will allow the word 'invasion' and so some authors have to use this term in order to get their articles published.

I pray everyday that Goa will be Liberated and will be a FREE and Independent nation as per International Law. I am pleading with my God to help me see the Goan Nation at the World Cup or the Olympics flying their own flag at the Parade of Nations. I pray that our young Goans would also see the TRUTH and demand to be FREE. Dear God, please HELP us!
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
Geographically, Dabolim comes under North Goa. However, as district wise Dabolim is given to the South District. If you think I am wrong, then go back in History and check this for yourselves.
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
The reason for Mopa is not North, south or centre.

It's mainly to give Dabolim to the Terrorist Navy. The Navy wanted our airport a long time ago. Dabolim was never a civilian Airport. It was always a Military Airport.

Once these terrorist build the Mopa airport, all trafic will be diverted to Mopa. The Navy then will be the sole owner of Dabolim. WE Goans can't do anything in this crooked Democracy of India, Where Democracy is a mokary in india.

The only way to save GOA and the Dabolim Airport is too ask for Independence.

The question is how can we? or who can file a case at the UNO!!

A demand for a referendum / Plebiscite is our birthright, we don't have to beg for it.
Arnold B. Carlos
Monday - Oct 20, 2014
Dabolim Airport is closer to North than the South. Check the fact. Canacona, Sarvodem, Sanguem and so on people has to travel from deep South to the North to reach Dabolim Airport. Panjim and so no North people comes to Dabolim Airport every easily and early. So Dabolim Airport benefits more to North than to the South Goa.
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