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Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
PANJIM: Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today said that Ebola virus may be the way of nature to balance things. "Nature has its own way of balancing, including probably Ebola," Parrikar said. "You will always find coal in forests. For that you have to explore forests. What is coal today is yesteryears' trees which have gone deep in the earth due to changes in the earth. Nature has its own way of balancing," he said while mentioning that Ebola is one such way.
The reference to the Ebola virus came at the far end of his speech in the Legislative Assembly, which was convened for a special one-day session today to ratify the National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014. During his speech, Parrikar said that the country, which has huge reservoirs of coal, had to import coal worth $25 billion due to the orders of judiciary. – PTI

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Anonymous the VIII
Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
More than Ebola, Parrikar is a threat to Goa. He needs to be eliminated from that chair of Dictator!
Wednesday - Oct 22, 2014
CM must take all his ministers and visit West Africa to see how ebola is treated.
Arnold B. Carlos
Wednesday - Oct 22, 2014
Say No To MOPA
Mopa Airport is build in the interest of the Maharashtra District Sindhurug and to make Goa a district of Maharashtra. BJP & Congress don’t mind going Goa into Maharashtra due to both are non-Goan parties.
Bab Pedro
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
This CM has a 'Rabid' brain that embraces Ebola, Corruption and Gutter Politics!!
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
When BJP falls in Goa, POORIKAR can join to indian circus as a clownn or in bollywood films as comedian. POORKAR is a very good entertainer.
Vicente E. Do Rego
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
Idiotic CM thinks he is too smart to lecture people and rest are fool. He failed to mention why court put ban on coal just like mining, it is because people like him are corrupt and looters, looting natural resources that belongs to people as simple and that is the reason country has to import coal.
Tuesday - Oct 21, 2014
EBOLA is a serious threat to mankind and nations, this Parrikar a GOAN CM looks like a mentaly retarted person.

I feel sorry for GOA, but not for the retards who voted for the mother of all retards.
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