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Wednesday - Oct 22, 2014
The Tourism stakeholders from Benaulim together with The Benaulim Village Action Committee (BVAC) has decided to hold a `Peaceful March’ on 25th October, 2014 to protest and oppose the Government’s resolve to build the MOPA airport. In an impromptu meet held on Saturday, the Benaulim taxi owners took the initiative to hold the symbolic march together with all stakeholders in the tourism pie. 
Representatives of Guest house owners, restaurateurs, shack owners, water sports operators and taxi owners together with their families, will set out from their respective `vaddos’ (wards) and converge at the open space in front of Holy Trinity Church at 4.00pm. The villagers thereafter will peacefully march to the Village Panchayat premises where a memorandum will be handed over to the Sarpanch and members of the Panchayat. The theme of the march is `MOPA NEVER, DABOLIM FOREVER’. The villagers in a brief meeting will also explain their stand and the reasons for opposing MOPA.

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Ignatius Fernandes/Margao/Borda/U.K.
Sunday - Oct 26, 2014
Why a peaceful march you should march with determination to save your livelihood with the Mopa airport your jobs are in jeopardy who will feed you and your children, the government,no they are there to line only their pockets and they do not care for you after you voted them in.Agitate with vigour and force and let your M.L.A.'s know for certain that if they abandon you in your time of need they will forever lose your vote.
Friday - Oct 24, 2014
They should march to the homes of all the Catholic MLAS............these are the traitors of Goa. I can see the communal snakes wanting to destroy the South, but to have your very own doing it???? The Catholic MLAs can feed them cake when they arrive at their homes. Mauvin Ghantti-whore can provide the drinks with his migrants, his whole family stands to become big crorepatties from MOPA.
Arnold B. Carlos
Wednesday - Oct 22, 2014
Say No To MOPA
Mopa Airport is the back door entry for merger of Goa into Maharashtra. Mopa supporters are already fighting to make Marathi as an Official Language of Goa. Once Marathi & Mopa becomes reality then no one can stop Goa going into Maharashtra.
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