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Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
MARGAO: Even as Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar last week thundered that no force can stop his government from pursuing Mopa, BJP South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar on Tuesday said that a decision on the airport needs to be taken after due consultations.  In fact, the South Goa MP told the media after a delegation of Goans For Dabolim Only (GFDO) led by Fr Eremito Rebello and taxi operators called on him during his visit to the South Goa Collectorate, that he had made his stand clear during the Lok Sabha poll that he is all for the Dabolim airport.
Replying to a question, Sawaikar said he would concentrate on strengthening Dabolim airport since the procedure to build a new airport at Mopa has not yet commenced till date. “Why to speak on an airport where the procedure for the commencement for its work has not started till date”, he said.
When his attention was drawn to the apprehensions raised by the tourist taxi operators from Salcete that they would also go the mining way, Sawaikar asserted that mining and tourism are two different issues “We should not mix the two issues. From Canacona to Pernem, all our Goan brethren are in the tourism business, eking out a living. We will do nothing that will stop someone’s business. All the stakeholders will be taken into confidence”, he said.
“The GFDO delegation expressed their views on the airport issue. I reminded them that I had made my stand clear in favour of Dabolim. The airport issue was in public domain during the Lok Sabha polls. It was widely discussed and the people have voted us to power. A decision on the issue will be taken after due consultations”, Sawaikar said.
Fr Eremito told the media that the delegation impressed upon the MP to obtain additional land from the Navy for further expansion of the Dabolim airport. “We have told him to tone up the infrastructure at Dabolim by asking the Navy to part with additional land”, he said.
Activist Sidhanth Karapurkar said the MP was told to tone up the infrastructure at Dabolim airport, including parking, land for which was de-notified by the previous government.  A tourist taxi operator Jose Rodrigues said they told the MP that the taxi operators will be affected if their interests are not protected. “We do not want our business to go the mining way. People are on the streets in the mining belt after their business was hit by the closure”, Jose said.

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Friday - Oct 24, 2014
Maybe the communal snake of the BJP will come feed cake to everyone in the Catholic South so that MOPA can be built. They can accept the cake, because once MOPA is built that will the last time they will afford to eat cake.

The saffron party is communal to the core, they used to voice their hatred openly in the past. Now, they found a very sophisticated way to succeed, to put in place very organized institutionalized communalism so that it can't be noticed i.e. MOPA: is their biggest cause to date.

We Catholics are to blame, we are a dirty bunch....look at all the Catholic MLAs that are 'FOR' MOPA!!!!!!! What say you all, Catholic South? I feel I am wasting my time and energy writing, the people of South Goa are a dirty bunch...they elect these immoral rouges to represent themselves!!!!
Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
Dear Rev. Fr. Emirito

Your words “We have told him to tone up the infrastructure at Dabolim by asking the Navy to part with additional land”,

May I remind you that the Navy is in GOA through the Act of Terrorism. When these terrorist have to part away any land from Dobolim, From where did the Navy get the land? from the Portuguese? from the Badkars? Did the Navy buy any Land.

Occupiers are squatters and not owners.

With what right is the navy in GOA? Why are we begging the navy should vacate our motherland? Don't you think we've the right to throw the navy out of GOA?

Rev. Fr. try to work on Plebiscite the one that was promised by Nehru. If we have it our way, the navy will run away from GOA with their tails between their legs.
Vicente E. Do Rego
Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
Just talk will to not help he should act as quickly as, if he has gut's and really words are coming from his heart why is he afraid to talk in front of his master?. Why he cannot shout against this monstreous project which was not even on his election agenda. Giving crap to public and fooling every time has become way of public life for these idiotic elected members. I wonder how people from Vasco and surrounding including taxi operators are quite on this matter. Mopa must go at any cost otherwise it will serve only neighbouring state and time might come in future Goa will be divided into two with one half will merge into Maratha. Where are anti-SEZ people gone why no one is coming out in support of Fr. Eremito?. or are they sleeping with RSS dose from adamant CM papodkar?.
Arnold B. Carlos
Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
Dabolim Airport is closer to North than the South. Check the fact. Canacona, Sarvodem, Sanguem, Churchorem and so on people has to travel from deep South to the North to reach Dabolim Airport. Panjim and so no North people comes to Dabolim Airport every easily and early. So Dabolim Airport benefits more to North than to the South Goa.
Thursday - Oct 23, 2014
This Tourism is getting out of control. A Russian was raped yesterday and the medical examiner also had his lust satisfied by feeling her body. How much more tourism is needed for Goa? Goa has no fish for its people no vegetables are grown in Goa, most Goans are seeking jobs abroad, all land is only available for construction. MLA's are busy thinking and seeking customers to sell any piece of land available with the comunidades for setting up industries. Is there any moral remaining in Goa. The Mopa Airport is another mine for the MLA's if they can get this project during their reign they can walk out with loads of Money. Is there any justice in Goa look at the Police the Judges all corrupt what name does even the Chief Minister have? Is he there to put Goa in order or is he to serve his own interests and that of his Party that is to gain money security to contest future elections?
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