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Friday - Oct 24, 2014
MARGAO: Accusing the government of using the special status issue as a matter of convenience, independent MLA Vijai Sardesai has called on chief minister Manohar Parrikar to "publicly state what is his version of special status that Goa deserves".  "The special status demand is going the black money accounts way with the BJP finally making the expected U-turn and following the Congress' footsteps. The state government is clearly using the special status issue and enacting a big drama only to divert attention from the grave economic crisis that Goa faces, dismal administration and rampant corruption prevalent in the state," said Sardesai at a press briefing in Margao.
Drawing attention to the seminar organized by the Goa legislators forum where former chief justice of Allahabad high court Ferdino Rebello and former law minister Ramakant Khalap concluded that all- party delegations heading to Delhi to demand special status for Goa are a mockery of the public, Sardesai said the government must pay heed to this constitutional advice and stop the drama of petitioning the Centre without any seriousness.
"The statements expose the fact that the government is either ignorant on what it wants or is involved in 'time-pass' to keep its servile allies from Salcete and Goans in general entertained till the next elections on this emotive issue," said Sardesai. "The chief minister should use his influence with the Modi government to get a constitutional amendment within six months, failing which, he should tell us whether he will resign or we MLAs should resign," added Sardesai – TNN

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Arnold B. Carlos
Friday - Oct 24, 2014
Special Status To Goa must be:
(1) Non-Goan cannot do business in Goa without a Goan partner,
(2) Non-Goan cannot buy Shop & Office in Goa,
(3) Non-Goan cannot buy Flat, House & Plot in Goa,
(4) No need Financial help from the Center in the name of Special Status, but require to preserve Goans identity.
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