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Sunday - Oct 21, 2012
The Goa Su-Raj Party is, indeed, very happy to note from the section of the press that the Manohar Parrikar Government is serious about revamping the INDUSTRIAL POLICY of GOA which to put it lightly, is in doldrums. That the focus of this new policy will be to promote 'Non-polluting Industries', put more stress on 'Service Industries’, 'Employment Generation', IT-Related Industries' 'Fast Tracking Procedures' and 'Up-Gradation of basic Infrastructures' fully welcomed as the way to go. Needless to say that this Party’s happiness exudes from the facts that:
(1) All the above points are dear to this Party's HEART as these have been explicitly identified and expanded in the Party's Road Map for Goa, a document which is the Party's permanent manifesto, and (2) That successive Governments' are in deed using this document to be guided in shaping vital future policies for GOA so that it can become self-sufficient in it's growth, not overly dependent on the rest of the country for it's manpower.
To go one step further, the 'FAST TRACKING PROCEDURES' hinted above is the 'SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE' for Industries in Goa as explained in the above mentioned Road Map for Goa where Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will not need to meet with CMs and Industries Ministers to cut deals etc as explained hereunder:-
1.      Single Window Clearance:
Introduction of a ‘Single Window Clearance’ system shall be the aim of this Party whereby an entrepreneur shall not be required to run from ‘pillar to post’ to get the required clearances, including environmental clearances and N.O.Cs from various self-governing bodies and institutions. The entrepreneur shall not be required to meet with the industries minister or the chief minister for setting up of any industry.
All departments dealing with the issuance of clearances etc. shall be streamlined to work according to time limits and shall be held accountable for delays. The jurisdiction to sanction industries in Panchayat/Municipal areas shall be clearly defined. Industrial training for manpower/labour requirements prior to the setting up of any industry requiring specialized work-force shall be made mandatory to generate local employment.
Certain sensitive industries, if any that may require local partners shall be identified. Industries that are welcomed in Goa shall be listed in the ‘Department of Industries’ brochure along with Government subsidies, if any, and other facilities such as local/central tax holidays etc including a full and complete guidance to the entrepreneur of the procedural requirements of the State Government as well as those of the Central Government, including the entrepreneur’s IEM Registration (Industrial Entrepreneur’s Memorandum) with the Industries Ministry, New Delhi.
The Industry’s application folder shall be designed to contain everything in the way of forms to be filled-in, detailing land, financial, power, water etc. requirements even to the extent of declaration of wastes and by-products, effluents generated, their treatment & disposal, so that the entrepreneur as well as the Industries Department is totally and fully guided and informed. Engagement of a minimum of eighty percent [80%] of the local workforce shall be made mandatory in the interest of generating employment to the locals and maintaining the demographic balance.

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Thursday - Oct 25, 2012

I do agree with you that all industries do have the negative aspects but need effective mitigation especially thro enforcement of the laws in place or laws that need to be put in place if insufficient.

Yes, our Party's Road Map is down-loadable at

In case you have problem downloading it , you may email me at In any case I would like to correspond with you if you wish. Do give me a buzz on my email or 9890470896

Designing long term policies is not an everyday affair. A whole lot of things must be taken into consideration if they are to work as planned. And you know it well.

Wednesday - Oct 24, 2012
Florian bab, I appreciate your response and I do agree with the last 4 lines of your first para. Unfortunately I have not read your road map, is it avaliable online?

wind-solar-hyro power, pharma,construction are not non-polluting industries, But their effect can be sucessfully mitigated. To achieve mitigation we need strong enforcement agencies, which goa is lacking. I do not think wind and hydro projects and viable for Goa on a scale that would make economic sense.

I have in the last 10 years routinely enquired with students as what industries they would like to see, and the answers vary a lot.

To bear the fruits of a industrial policy we need to fix our education system, infrastructure and most importantly enforcement of law. We can do whatever your or GoG policy says, but the outcome will be lacking of what you expect.
Tuesday - Oct 23, 2012

I can see your thrust and what you are driving at.
Sensitive industries are those clean, non polluting industries that will be stressed upon such as wind-solar-hyro power, pharma, IT, construction , housing and service industries like banking, insurance etc. etc. Also, manufacturing industries such as automoble assembly lines, ship-boat building etc which will generate small time ancilliary industries like spare parts, instruments etc. Very few Goans will have the wherewithal to set these up. This is why we say that Goan partners will be a must to keep them as bonafide Goan industries. Now here comes the selection of these industries. If we say 80 per cent Goan work force, then we need to bring in those industries where we will have that kind of interest from Goans to work in Goa and grow. Also consider lucrative agro-industries where normal tenanted farming will be taken over by co-operative farming on large scales. Garbage can be made GOLD with organic agro industries where organically grown produce will have export market as well. Our Road Map for Goa , if you have gone thro it explains a lot of things in this regard.

Thank you for asking such a question.
And of course, this Party is open to workable good suggestions. After all , this party's policies will be the workable expert's suggestions and ideas. Needless to say that this Party will not have a lot less ego where master planning is concerned. But above all, we are banking on IT ( which I believe is your subject) and we want to put together what Devang Mehta of NASSCOM had in mind for GOA but alas, his ideas are collecting dust in some obscure corners and land sharks have taken over.
Tuesday - Oct 23, 2012
Floriano bab, the problem with most of GoG and your parties policy is that they are ambiguous and subject to interpretation i.e. not enough clarity to define clearly what certain statements mean e.g when you say sensitive industries, what are these? furthermore, how are you going to engage 80pc of local workforce in coastal villages of goa where the youth seem to have "bhair vospak zai" embedded in their thinking right from school. Our education centres have become machines to produce pass outs, there is hardly any academia-industry engagement (other than small time workshops).What is your policy on these issues?
Nolan Dias
Sunday - Oct 21, 2012
I sure agree with you Aniceto. People only like the news or articles about the misdeeds or corruption of the gone by Goan crooks. This is an important article which should be read and commpented.
Sunday - Oct 21, 2012
Mr. Floriano - there are no comments on your important article - next time please remember - don't forget to put a line on churchill's misdeeds - and lo you will receive a million comments - we should conduct a opinion poll - if there is only one sinner in GOA that is C<>>>>>>>>
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